Snobwear for your pets! So Hot!

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  1. The Toys!

    $14 each!









  2. The Collars, which come in Small, Medium, and Large, are $20 each:

  3. This company has managed to combine two of my least favorite things: arrogant logo shirts and clothing for pets. Amazing :wtf:
  4. how cheerful! :shrugs:

    i think the toys are cute lol....
  5. I think they are fun!
  6. i say i'd much rather have my BIG CAT chewing on a chew toy instead of my KOOBA that he decided was DELICIOUS. ugh! lol. i wish i had a doggie so i could purchase a few of these items ;)
  7. ^^True, I stopped back by to say that I spoke a little too soon, I just saw the tees! The chew toys and collars are really cute. My rampant dislike of pets in people clothes got the better of me, sorry, viciousbliss!
  8. The toys are cute. But the t-shirt that says "He goes to work, we shop" = :throwup: I can't imagine the type of woman who would put a shirt like that on her pet.

  9. i definately agree that some tee's on that site are a little *ahem* stuffy. lol....

    the doggy shirts are kinda quirky but they're cute lol...

    the CHEW TOYS is what sold me i was like HAAAY i wish i had a DOOOGGGG when i saw those lol, the collar, looks like it'd fit my cat, and he'd not like that so much hardy har... muahaha.

    i wish the collars came in Xtra small cuz i'd get one for our female cat, whose neck is like the size of nothing. TINY.

    HAHAHA i wanna dress my kitty up but either of them would slaughter me.

    oh and no hard feelings, by the way! i was just tryin to make ppl smile with these goofy little animal "accessories"

    i dont' think id ever get myself to dress my mutt up, but i want a pit bull hehe

  10. :throwup: agreed. go look at the mens T's. it's kinda repulsive! some of those Teeshirts for chicks are cute as hell, admit it. and some of them make you go EW. WTF. :wtf: hehe
  11. cool site, thanks for the info.
  12. no problemo aren't some of their things adorable!?
  13. Love the doggie shirt "i dont walk, I'm carried" I swear that is exactly what my pup is thinking when I show her a leash lol
    But what is up with those mens shirts? I would be so repulsed to see a guy wearing any of those!
  14. I admit, I have the Chewy Vuitton and a Tiffany one but different one that the above.