SNOBSWAP for shoes

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  1. Has anyone ever bought from them? I don't know if this is just my bad luck or is this reflects on the website but I purchased 3 pairs on shoes from 2 different sellers and they're all the wrong sizes! My first pair was a gorgeous pair of vintage patent white Gucci loafers listed as 5.5, when I get the the shoes says 36.5. The second were a pair of black suede OTK Alexandra Neel boots listed at 5.5 and they turn out to be 36. Those were okay because I could get away with wearing them even though they were bigger than expected. But then the same seller as the OTK boots has a pair of Jimmy Choo moto boots listed as size 6, when I get them, one shoe is a 36 and the other is a 36.5. Not a huge difference but what the heck?! Shouldn't she have at least mentioned it? Ugh. Not having a good experience with them. And the sucky part is I fell in love with the shoes through the pictures and couldn't wait for them to come! I checked ebay hoping something similar would be listed but nothing close :sad: :sad: I contacted the sellers, I have yet to find out if they'll take the shoes back because they say no returns on the listing, but I feel like these items weren't described accurately.
  2. A pair of Isabel Marant sneakers I ordered from SNOWSWAP just came in yesterday and they're fake. The seller claims they're real but oh man, I think I'm done with SNOBSWAP :sad:
  3. Well that's not very encouraging.....
  4. I was going to try selling on there but it seemed too fishy. Better to stick to tradsey and shop hers. I'm sure any market place like that can get fakes but it's better to go through one that will back you up.
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    Just to follow up on everything because I've gotten a few PMs about it...

    The fake IM shoes situation got dealt with. The seller claimed they were real and wasn't being cooperative so I ended up filing a claim on Paypal and after all was said and done I got my money back. She wanted the shoes back but Paypal made me destroy them in order to get my money back. Geez why did she want them back anyway? To trick someone else? :nono:

    And for the incorrect sizes, it was just the sellers adjusting for EU sizing. The Gucci loafers one was my fault because the pictures clearly said 36.5 even though the listing said 35.5. Shame on me for shopping on my phone right? And the other seller with the OTK boots and JC boots was actually really nice and communicative and gave me a partial refund. She was really apologetic and really sweet.

    All in all everything worked out well.

    I mean I still browse Snobswap looking for great deals and I'll be sure to let you guys know if I get anything awesome! :smile: I think as a buyer it's the same thing with Ebay because you just have to be careful. Have the ladies at tPF look at it to confirm authenticity and ask the buyers for additional clear pictures, etc. Plus I've been finding a lot more deals and more things that are just my style on Snobswap compared to Ebay so I still check them pretty regularly. As for selling, I haven't actually sold anything on there yet but I'll post my feelings on it when I do.

    Hope that helps!
  6. Just bumping this thread to see if anyone else has had any good experiences with snobswap. There is a handbag I want to purchase on there but reading about fake shoes is scaring me from proceeding.
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    I only had a great experience shopping on SnobSwap. I got a Celine Trapeze and a mini Chanel crossbody from their site. I purchased from the consignment stores on SnobSwap. Plus, SnobSwap has a Buyer Protection program and authenticity is guaranteed with every product. Lucky for me, they have my favorite consignment shops from NY and LA, so I don't have to wait till my vacations to hit up these stores. :smile:

    Unfortunately, I have had not so great experiences with both Tradesy and Shop-Hers from fakes to bad customer service. I'm sticking with SnobSwap!