Snobby Tiffany SA

  1. Just a little rant... over the weekend DH and I went to a Tiffany closeby to get a gift for a friend. I pretty much knew what I wanted to get. The SA who came to help us ... first no smile, no Hello ... just 'How can I help you?' ... Fine, I was not there looking for help anyway. I picked a key chain half the price of the one she recommended, and asked her about the little ball at the end that may get loosened up. She said to add a drop of clear nail polish before screwing it on. To make sure it wasn't a one-time thing I asked 'and if you need to add or take a key off later, you just repeat that ...' She said with this 'I don't even know why you asked that' look and tone,accented with a little sigh ... 'well, you know, nail polish is not super glue so I don't see why you can't do that'. :push:

    Then she asked if there was anything else we wanted, I firmly said 'No!' and walked away, leaving DH to deal with her. She never said 'Thanks' or anything even after handed us the little bag! What a snob!

    While we waited for the SA to get things ready DH asked if I wanted anything ... for a sec I thought I'd just walk over to another counter, strike up a conversation with another SA and make a purchase ... I know, evil me. :graucho:

    To be honest I would have looked around a bit more and might have picked out a little piece for myself - to save DH for the headache he always has in trying to decide what to get me for Vday, or what not. The snobby SA just turned me off!

    Thanks for letting me ramble on ... just wanted to let it out ...
  2. A lot of workers at tiffanys are like that. I go in there to look around and no one ever ask me if I would like any help... they just look at me and look away. I know the feeling, but that lady was pretty rude! :cursing:
  3. If you don't like the SA, walk away and ask another person to help you. You are dropping enough money that you shouldn't have to deal with rudeness. I've noticed T&Co. employees tend to treat the better dressed people much more nicely. They see them as comissions!
    And yes, the little balls come off all the time. Thankfully, the Customer Service people are usually incredibly nice and will replace the ball for you if it is lost.
  4. tiffany workers mostly are snobby.

    i've purchased several things from there, but mostly from a SA that is actually nice...but once i had to have this necklace and she wasn't in, i knew i should've just waited but i couldn't b/c i wanted to wear it that night.

    what can you do, it's been awhile since i've been to tiffanys though. i've been good :smile:
  5. Oh man, this story reminds me of this horrible evil witchy SA at Tiffany San Francisco last Christmas. I was there to return a silver ring that I had bought as a gift (but then changed my mind). The counter was pretty busy, but I waited my turn. In fact, several people who arrived AFTER me were helped before me, but I held my tongue and just decided to be cool about it. When I was finally helped by the witchy SA, she didn't even say hello OR look me in the eye. She just STOOD in front of me, waiting. I was very polite: "Hi. I need to return this, can you please help me with this?" She just GRABBED it out of my hand and stalked off, did the return, came back, and gave me the receipt. All the while with an openly disdainful, impatient look on her face. She didn't even TRY to hide her disgust. (why she should be disgusted with me, I have no idea. I'm a well-dressed, respectable looking woman) And she handled our entire interaction without uttering ONE SINGLE WORD or even a single look in my eye!!! I mean come on, I know it was Christmas and the busy season, but a little common courtesy should be expected....especially from a Tiffany SA!!! I was in a foul mood for the rest of the day because of that nasty ole hag.
  6. lol ^^ my friend and i prefer the tiffany's over at valleyfair just because of that.

    don't worry, SF tiffany SA are just rude in general.
  7. ^

    A couple of the VF SAs are snobby too.

    The sweetest SA used to work there but he left and I don't know why?! :[
  8. Sorry that happened to you:sad:

    The T&Co near my house has the sweetest SAs! Whenever you are in AZ, check it out :smile: LOL
  9. Sorry about your experience. Next time, feel free to go to another SA. It's good to let it out, I know I have ranted several times re: bad service. LOL. Your not the only one. Try not to let it get to you. Out of all the times at Tiffany's I've only experienced a terrible SA once recently. (I hope it stays that way.) It was at the SF store and I knew exactly what I wanted without trying anything on so there really was no "service" involved but he was so awful that he triggered me (and I have never had to do this before as I'm not a confrontational person) to tell me he didnt have to help me since he seemed so reluctant and bought the item from someone else. It was the thin Asian man in his 60s or so. I've been there twice and hes always given sub-par service. On a brighter note, it really makes my day when I encounter sweetl SAs... and I've encountered quite a few at Tiffany's. What makes some of these SAs so special and kind is that sometimes I'm just in to browse and they still are happy to help me. One SA at the San Diego Tiffany's, John, is a super sweetie! He went around to show me all different things and encourage me to try them on even though I told him I was only browsing that day. I encountered another very friendly guy at the South Coast Plaza Store. And although I personally experienced bad service at the notorious SF store, I have also encountered two very very nice SAs there that go the extra yard for you even when it isn't required. =)
  10. Ugh. I'm sorry.
    There are a couple of snobby ones at my store also. I went in to have my bracelets shined up and the one SA was practically staring down her nose at me. :rolleyes:
  11. i dont really buy stuffs from Tiffany, but the SA is seattle seems pretty nice. or maybe i dont go in enough to experience snobby SAs.. maybe i just shdnt go in anymore. hmms
  12. she said "'well, you know, nail polish is not super glue so I don't see why you can't do that'." ???

    HOW RUDE!!

    i've definitely come across rude snobby SAs. I refuse to purchase anything and will either make the effort to come back another day or walk around somewhere and come back and try to find a nicer SA or something. i refuse to give theese rude ppl their commission!!

    i'm so sorry to hear that. shopping and paying a premium at Tiffany's should be a pleasant experience!! *hugs*
  13. As a former Tiffany employee and someone who had both parents working for the company I totally see where you are coming from. I thought a great deal of the SAs were rude long before I began working for the company. They were nice to me because of my parents but when I observed them with other customers it was ridiculous. I worked in the flagship store in NYC and loved it but I couldn't get over how snobby some of the SAs were to customers. Many times they wouldn't even approach a customer because they didn't believe that they looked like they were going to buy anything. At the time I first started working there I was 19 and happy to just help anyone so imagine the disgust of the other SAs when I would rack in a random sale for a few thousand dollars from someone they thought wouldn't spend $100. From experience I would see who greets you in the way you like and go with that because if they're rude from the beginning there's no need to give them your sale or waste your time with them. And if all else fails speak to the manager or call customer service, they need to know about this and maybe these SAs will get over themselves and realize that they just WORK at Tiffany and definitely do not own it.
  14. Yup.... I always get the "once over" as soon as I walk in the door... Of course, it happens more often when I'm wearing (such as today) a Full Metal Alchemist t-shirt & jeans....hhehehehe.

    If I see any "What-are-you-doing-in-here?"-type faces, I make sure to make eye contact & give them a huge grin...and then I'll tuck a loose strand of hair behind my ear... and you can see their faces thaw as they plaster a SA-smile on their faces...b/c they notice the T&Co ring on my finger, & the T&co earrings on my ears....

    I understand, it's tough working retail...and high-end retail is STILL retail. If you don't love being in a service job, it's easy to get bitter & start making snap judgements based on others appearances.
  15. dont u hate that?

    just bc u work for an elegant store doesn't mean you own it! ya work there!!!

    *****es .