SNL and Balenciaga

  1. Anyone catch the skit on SNL tonight? A female cast member was carrying a Balenciaga handbag in one of the skits. However, I don't know if it's real or not since I'm not expert.
  2. I can't stay up that late anymore, lol. Good for you for spotting it!
  3. I watched it but didn't see it all or the bag. I did think the Jennifer Anniston and the monkey man scetch was hilarious. She played Carrie form Sex in the city and took the applechomping freaky guy back to her hotel.

    Ooops, hubby said that was a repeat show on Friday that I saw.
  4. Last night's (10/21/2006) host was John C. Riely. The cast member with the Balenciaga bag was Kristen Wiig. I'll try and find a pic.
  5. I noticed the bag too!
  6. IMO the bag was fake! and yes i noticed it too hehe... the tassles were kinda stiff, sticking out....
  7. ahh I saw it =D,it was the two *******s skit. My brother,and I love those charecters. It looked abit plasticy =D
  8. LOL I noticed the bag too!

    Too bad its fake...that couple in the skit is too funny!!