Sniping service - Who do you use?

  1. i don't know where to post this...if there's a better place, will a mod please please move it. thanks! :flowers:

    what eBay sniping service do you use? i'm wary of just doing a google search because you do have to give your eBay password and cc info...which is just a little scary. thanks ladies!
  2. I use the program BayGenie and
  3. Sorry for the ignorance, but what's a sniping service?:huh:
  4. ^ it places your bid in the last second of the auction. i've never used it though...
  5. are they free? i heard you have to pay for some sniping services...
  6. I use They charge a VERY nominal fee..
  7. thanks so much y'all! *off to compare*
  8. BayGenie is a program that you buy, but once you've got it, it just runs on your computer so it's not a bad investment. Auctionstealer is free for slow snipes (20-10 seconds before the auction ends).
  9. ^ Swanky, how do you always know everything?
  10. ^ are you being sarcastic?:graucho:

    :lol: :lol:

    We need a paranoid smiley!

    I've been ebaying for a lONG time!
  11. is free and won me a rouge balenciaga while i was at work yesterday :smile:
  12. ^ good to know!
    Sometimes they start out free but change, good to bookmark another one!
  13. There is something I want to bid on, however, when it ends It will be in the middle of the night for me (I'm AK behind the rest of the world :sad: ).

    Ive never used a service like this, but would like to for this 1 item (I really don't want to loose it).

    So, I'm looking for recommendations :yes:
  14. for FREE!