sniping -- love it or hate it?

  1. after i lost my first few auctions to snipers i quickly learned how to do it myself -- and sadly for my bank account, i'm quite the expert. but i don't really like it --it would be great if auctions were automatically extended for a short time, say five minutes, if bids are placed in the last couple minutes of an auction. At least everyone who's actually sitting at the computer and watching the auction could bid until they're done.

    so what do YOU think -- love or hate sniping?
  2. Use it -- for the same reasons as you, DQ. As a seller, it's nerve-wracking not to have any bids for 5-7 days until the last minute.
  3. Love it!
    I am on a wireless cable modem, high speed, but oy, it loves to crash just in those last 30 seconds! :nuts: So now, I snipe everything I want. If I lose, oh well another will come along soon! Ialso hated sitting there those last few seconds, now I walk away :wlae:.
  4. I need to learn to get better at it. I've finally learned alot better though at least in last minute to bid. Sometimes I get caught up in heat of last few minutes so I keep bidding like a stupid idiot and driving up the price and winning it :sad:
  5. I love sniping. Set it and forget it. Seriously if it wasn't for sniping I don't think I could have gotten the great deals that I've had lately.
  6. I love it and hate it! I hate it when I lose :cursing:(of course), but sometimes I love the excitement of a bidding war down when it's down to the line and then it's the very last second and you just put in a bid and theres that slight pause and you wonder if you got in in time, and you sit there holding your breath, and then the screen pops up and says You Won!!! :yahoo:
  7. I love it! But I hate it when I lose the auction despite my snipe, LOL... It's convenient when I know I'm not going to be home when the auction ends.
  8. Love the convenience of it..I'm often on a different time zone than the seller and would miss out on so many auctions unless I want to drag myself to the computer in the middle of the night..Besides, the excitement of those last few seconds is almost too much for me..(think I'm getting old, LOL)
  9. Hi, I have lost to snipers several times! GRRRR!
    Please, tell me, how do you do it? Is it a program? Does it cost to join? Any help would be appreciated!
  10. Love it! Always use it.
  11. My words exactly!
  12. I'm a big fan of BINs, but I will put in a snipe on an item if I have to. I'm a fan, but like the others have said it rocks when you win and stinks when you lose. lol

    rupbasoli, I'm not sure I can post this here, and if I can't, sorry somebody please remove it, but you can use a site called and your first 3 "snipes" are free and then after that, only if you win, do they take a certain percentage of the final winning bid. I forget the percentage, but it is very small. And you earn "free snipes" for other friends signing up too.

    K, nevermind, here is the breakdown:

    Auction won that ended at $25.00 USD or less--->$0.25 USD

    Auction won that ended between $25.01 and $995.00 USD--->1% of final price

    Auction won that ended at $995.01 or more--->$9.95 USD

    There might be other "sniper" sites that are cheaper, but that's the one I sometimes use. Generally, I just do a BIN though. Perhaps somebody else will chime in on that subject.
  13. I love sniping! If I'm bidding during the last few seconds and tend to go above my spending limit, whereas with sniping I put in my limit, and psychologically I think that if I get it for that price it's meant to be, otherwise it's not. It's all psychological with me :p
  14. To me, sniping is a NECESSITY to keep the final price lower and to ensure winning!! I use

    Unfortunately I've also learned that it can work a little TOO well. If you use esnipe, it's possible to set up a snipe and then FORGET about it. It's happened to me twice where I've won very high $$ items that I set up in esnipe thinking I would come back and delete them before the end of the auction if I changed my mind. Unfortunately, in both those cases I forgot that I had entered the snipe but in my mind had decided I didn't want the item anymore. Then I got the dreaded email: "Congratulations, you won!!" :nuts:

    I guess it's those 40,000 brain cells per day that I've been losing since I turned 25...(a looong time ago... ;) ).

  15. WHAT!!?! You actually pay to use it?? :wtf:
    No way---use justsnipe and you get 5 free per week...