Sniff...Sob...Has anyone seen a Jumbo Caviar Classic Flap in Dark Brown anywhere????

  1. I finally figured out what my ideal brown Chanel bag should be...I thought I wanted another tote style, but I have NO classic flaps, I know shame on me, it is a Chanel staple. I made a little bit of change on eBay lately cleaning out the closet and I really want a brown Chanel, but tis NOT the season for brown classic flaps :crybaby:Has anyone seen one anywhere???
  2. I know, I saw those but I think I really want the Jumbo. Not sure if the ones she has are large enough...thx tho:sad:
  3. I bought my medium brown caviar at the Chanel boutique in SHM... I think it's impossible to find the jumbo unfortunately, BUT, you might luck out in the fall (I heard they are supposed to be bringing the GST in brown caviar back, so maybe the jumbo too)! :smile: