*sniff sniff*....I've been just diagnosed with eczema and underlying Rosacea...

  1. is there anything I can do to stop/prevent the rosacea from going to full blow rosacea (cream?treatment???food?)

    I'm very distressed....(i'm a huge skin person):crybaby:
  2. My friend had Rosacea and she uses some product that's over the counter by Murad that works well for her. Her cheeks were red but when she runs out of the product it kicks back in. Eczema is also treatable but if you stop using the creams that the doc gives you it will come back. You can't get rid of it either. The best lotion for the Eczema is Eucerin it keeps the skin very hydrated.
  3. Dermatologist told me use cetaphil everytime I wash my hands.Thats basically where i broke out.
  4. Sorry to hear this. I've got rosacea too. I've had it for a few years and have tried all different things, but nothing has really worked well for me. I just started going back to a dermatologist a couple of months ago, and my face is still no better :sad: . I'm starting to lose faith that I'll ever get my skin cleared up. I would just like to be able to go without wearing a face full of makeup to cover the redness up. The worst was a couple of years ago when one of my son's friends asked him if his mom had chicken pox!
  5. Do you happen to know which specific products you friend uses from Murad? I know they've got an anti-redness line, and I've been wondering if it's worth a try.
  6. There's DEFINITELY products you can use! I have a book called the Skin Type Solution, I've mentioned it before, it's FANTASTIC!!!

    You really need to find a VERY competent Dermatologist and I'll thumb through the book and see what it recommends.
    She recommedns products from cheap drugstore up to couture skin care - something for everyone!
  7. I have both eczema and rosacea too and am frustrated with my skin's constant redness, bumpiness, and itchiness. (oh and I also have cystic acne...but that has improved since I started using the Nuvaring for birth control) I have lost my confidence in my appearance because my face is so messed up now. I think I look hideous.

    For the rosacea, I'm on Periostat (twice a day antibiotic) and a topical antibiotic called Klaron. I just started this new regimen so we'll see if it really works. I'm just getting over a horrible flareup from when I was down in San Diego for vacation...it looked like I had a layer of scaly, bumpy red skin covering my face like a mask. Not to mention the horrible itching. Oh yes, I LOVE having rosacea. After I got back to town, my derm gave me a shot to calm down the inflammation so it's improving now. I asked him how I could avoid flareups like this in the future and he said to avoid extreme heat. Well, that's great advice but one cannot always do that.

    My eczema is mostly on my legs....it acts up at random times and looks really, really gross. When I need to, I use prescription corticosteroid cream on the rashy parts.

    I also have keratosis pilaris (those little red bumps on upper arms and thighs that NEVER go away)....which is when the hair follicles get plugged up when your skin cells don't turn over as they should. There's nothing I can do about these, I'm told.

    Yes, I'm a walking dictionary for skin disorders. I hate it!!!!! I'm considering consulting an eastern medicine practitioner because my dermatologists (I've seen several) have done NOTHING for me.
  8. MissV -- my coworkers have rosacea and both swear by Clinique's Anti-Redness Relief Cream. I bought some and tried it and it SORT OF smoothed out the red bumps on my cheeks a tiny bit, but it didn't stop the horrible flareup I experienced in San Diego. I believe this cream is more helpful for flushing redness than the bumpy kind of rosacea.

    I also hear that Laser In a Bottle (available at department stores) and Rodan & Field's rosacea/redness line are good.
  9. I have rosacea and it can be managed, I've found the following works well:

    Plexion Cleanser (RX) with Cetaphyl cleanser. (I mix them together)

    La Roche Posay Toleraine skin care line moisturizer and cleanser (I use this cleanser every other day) This line is hard to find in the states, I buy mine in Canada, I find it at London Drugs

    I have also been recently prescribed the 1% Metrogel, I had not had good luck with the Metrogel before, but this stronger version is working really well on my really red spots.

    You must be VERY careful about using over the counter products. Many claim they are made for rosacea but can make it worse. People with rosacea tend to have sensitive skin as well, so you have to watch out for that.

    It is also really important to use a good sunscreen if you have rosacea because sun and extreme hot/cold can make it worse. Unfortunately the titanium dioxide in some sunscreens can make the skin more sensitive I've found. I used Neutrogena Dry Touch 40 SPF and it's the only sunscreen that has not irritated my skin or made it break out.

    You just have to stay on top of this and remember that it also waxes and wanes. It may get better for a time and then get worse. If it gets worse get back into the doctor and get different treatments for it and you'll be OK.
  11. Thanks for all this info, Roo! I'm going to look for the Neutrogena sunscreen.

    I'm beginning to think I should look for a new dermatologist. I went to him probably ten years ago and he was big on prescribing tetracycline for a couple of months, then weaning off. Now, lo and behold, I go to him much later in life, now with rosacea, and he's still prescribing the same old stuff. My face is just not getting any better.
  12. wow thank you everyone for the information!!!

    My derm recomended that EXACT sunscreen too!!!!! maybe I will give it a try...

    Does anyone know if Rosacea will "always" progress or sometimes they dissapear or just stay the same??
  13. It is VERY difficult to treat. I've had it for five years or so. I have tried almost every rx known to man and nothing has worked. All the derms recs make my face worse :sad: I spent sooo much $ on skincare I don't even want to count! I actually found a line at CVS that works amazingly - helped me out so much. It's called Skin Effects - there's a redness reducing cleanser, cream and spf30. It's created by a dermatologist from Boston, Ma. I was skeptical but it has worked wonderfully for me. Unfortunately w/rosacea it's trial and error. What works for one might not work for another. Like some girls swear by Cetaphil - well I can't use anything with sodium laureth sulfate in it, so irritates my face. I should say my skintype is on the dry/flaky side with acneic rosacea, which means I am very prone to breakouts/bumps :hysteric:

    You should avoid anything w/fragrance in it, there are so many triggers - there's a bunch of online sites that discuss rosacea at length. One I found helpful is here:

    Rosacea Support Group

    If you have any questions feel free to PM me! I'd be glad to help if I can :nuts: and don't stress over it, that'll make it flare even more :upsidedown:
  14. Something to note about the dry touch sunscreen. Do not put it on your skin right after you've washed your face or showered. Wait about 20 mins if you can so some of your natural oils have come back. The texture of this sunscreen is different and it's easier to blend it if your skin is a little moist. Also less is more, so use it sparingly or you will get this effect where the sunscreen will "pill" on your skin and sort of roll/flake off.

    The thing I have found that has helped my rosacea the most is the Plexion cleanser. My chin has recently become worse so I'm using Metrogel 1% there. It seems to be helping but I just started it so I won't have results for a while longer. The other Metrogel version I tried a long time ago didn't do anything.

    Rosacea can wax and wane, and from what I understand, can be inherited.
  15. One more thing worth mentioning too: my Derm told me when I was diagnosed with this 10 years ago that some cosmetics will aggravate the rosacea too. So I've been really careful what kinds of foundations, etc. that I use because of that.

    A list of a few that do not bother me:

    Bare Minerals powders/products
    Philosophy Supernatural Powder Foundation
    Nars powder blush

    And my current (and I think soon to be all time favorite)
    Chanel Double Perfection Compact Matte Reflecting Powder makeup

    A friend of mine who has sensitive skin also swears by the Chanel too.