(sniff, sniff) DH is claiming my latest LV purchase for himself (ro)

  1. We went to the LV store earlier this afternoon (we're 6 hrs ahead) to look at a new wallet for him.

    The SA showed us 7, 8 wallets from both Taiga & Utah. While DH liked 2 of them, he didn't love them. So he ended up getting nothing.

    I have wanted to get a passport cover because I carry my passport w/ me at all times. So I got the Damier one for myself.

    Afterwards, we went to a restaurant. While we were waiting for our dinner, I started to transfer my stuff (passport, c/c, money) into the cover. DH said "Hmmm, let me just see how my stuff would fit inside".

    He was so pleased w/ how it looked, he has decided to keep it for himself in place of a wallet!

    I have created a monster, lol. Oh well, that will just give me an excuse to go back to the store next week.

    And yes, his passport is ... "well-traveled", lol.
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  2. That's cute! Yes you definitely have to head back to the boutique next week! :graucho:
  3. wow, had no idea the passport cover held so much !
  4. Wow Congratulations.
  5. Lol congrats! Mine went to my dad. :lol:
  6. congrats!
  7. haha, that's cute!! congrats on your hubby's new "wallet", and make sure you get something he wouldn't find appealing for himself next time, lol.
  8. ha ha...
    great story and now you have another excuse to go shopping.
  9. Very cute, congrats!
  10. Nice!
  11. very nice, thinking about getting that for my dad!

  12. well i think its good that you have created this monster, so that next time you buy something he will just bow his head and agree to buy :graucho::graucho::yes::yes:
  13. Hey at least he owes you a little something Vuitton ! :graucho:
  14. Funny! hehe.. at least he shares the love with you..
  15. cute story! and thanks for posting pics.