Sniff sniff...can my royal basketweave be saved?!

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  1. Well I took a chance and bought a newer version of the royal basketweave off ebay. The seller used a decent sized box but the bottom still managed to get super bent. HELP! I'm going to cry. Pictures uploading...
  2. Oh pink.... I'm so sorry... I'm sure she's fixable...
  3. Oh no! I'm so sorry, pink. :hugs:
  4. [​IMG]

  5. [​IMG]

  6. [​IMG]

  7. Sorry for the bad mod shots...wanted to get a close up of the bottom. Also there is a little bit of 'striping' in the leather. Is that the whole leather variation thing?
  8. I wonder if you put a flat heavy book in there for a day or so if it'd flatten back out?
  9. :nono:

    Was the box damaged? Because that couldn't have happened otherwise, if the box was indeed decent-sized. I don't understand... unless the purse was damaged before it went into the box. Something doesn't add up here...

    Stuff it tightly and leave it that way for a week... You may want to use cardboard inserts to create a strong, straight line. But once the crease is in the cardboard bottom, I don't think it can come out.

    Do you have a good local cobbler? If so, see what they say. Last resort, email pix to Barbara at LMB and see what she says.

    I'm so sorry, hon. Otherwise it is stunning...
  10. Photo 2.jpg
  11. Here is the box. Taken w/ mac camera (too lazy to photobucket again). I have bag stuffed w/ two hardback books and then dust bags around those to keep it tight. Waiting to hear back from seller.
  12. So there was no sign of damage to the box, and the purse base fit into it with at least a 1/2 inch to spare all around?
  13. I think that's the best thing you can do right now... The bag is beautiful though... And you look great carrying it... Even after you take the books out, and finally use her,the stuff you carry and its weight may help finish it off..
  14. ^Agree. If you like the price, keep the bag and try to nurse the base back into shape. Otherwise, you may want to send it back and start over.

    Since it's a MAB, the base will ultimately curve downward and the whole thing will become soft and relaxed. I'm just worried about the bowing where the base meets the side. You're going to have to really press that part out with something heavy. You may want to press it from the outside to pinch that line straight again.
  15. Oh no!! She is beautiful though!! I hope her bottom gets fixed with the books!