*sniff* Can't be true, can it??

  1. I got my tracking info today via email for my blue epi noe that I bought.
    So I don't understand the shipping that goes with the tracking (and thank goodness for me, my DH does, because it's a lot of what he does for his company.) So I asked him his opinion, this is what he said:

    my opinion is that you will not get this until approx 40-45 days.
    appears the purse has been boxed, put into a container that wl then be
    brought to port and loaded on to an ocean vessel.
    this may sit in thailand for some time (no idea how long, depends on
    amt of
    freight and the company) until they fill the cont and then loaded on
    transit time on water is approx 33-38 days for the major ship line
    Love, Hunkman

    Has anyone ever had anything shipped Via Ems (shipping company?) When I spoke with the person who sold it to me, she said it should arrive either tomorrow or Friday? Does she mean to the states or to my house?!
    *sniff* I don't wanna wait over a month! LOL!
    (throwing 5 year old hissy fit, including stomping feet!)
  2. Oh my goodness, did you buy it through eBay?
    I would raise heck if the seller lied about shipping time.
    Hopefully the timeframe she gave is right and you have it by early next week. :sweatdrop:
  3. ick. That was one of your bday presents.... bummer.
  4. EMS is a fast courier service from Asia. I got my stuff in approximately 2-3days. Hope this helps. GoodLVck!
  5. Dang thats soo long to wait!! Hopefully its not going by water or I'd be taking a fit too :sad: Poor bag, sitting on a ship bouncing up and down on the waves, making a long journey to you -- it will be a very happy bag though once you have it on stable ground and in your care!

    I wish it was getting to you sooner, it will be a sweet day when it arrives in your home port.
  6. I know. I am really upset about this. I'm going to wait until friday. And see what comes up on the tracking again. Here is the email from the lady I bought it from when I asked about shipping.

    Hi, i am very sorry. I didnt go home after i went to the post. The tracking number is XX XXXXXXX XX, shipped out on Monday. It should be by tomorrow or Friday.
    Thank you very much.
  7. I've received my items from Asia in three days when the shipper used EMS shipping.
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    Oh Thank Goodness~I hope you are right! Thanks so much!

    I know, I can't even imagine my poor little bag bouncing up and down in the waves. (hope it does not get sea sick!) LOL! OMG-Hope the ship does not sink! That would Stink! LOL!
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    Whoo Hoo!! That is great news!!

    Thanks guys!! You really know how to make a girl feel happier!
  10. I have had things sents via EMS and it's never been 40-50 days. I can't believe a package that size would be shipped via sea. Hopefully you will get your bag either Friday or Monday! Good luck and keep us posted!!
  11. i've gotten shipment by EMS many many times and its NEVER taken that long. all my shipments got to my doorstep in about 3-5 days from the day the seller shipped whether it was a big shipment or small shipment.
  12. Hi there. I work within the shipping industry, and I can confirm that if you ship something by container vessel, it can take from 35 - 50 days from Asia to the US depending on route. However, EMS is a company using air freight (courir service), so the seller must have mixed up the purchases or something. You should receive it in 2 - 4 days.

    And congratulations to your Noé! =)
  13. EMS is very fast! You'll get it by the end of this week!
  14. I received bags from HK via EMS in a week - max. and I am in Canada. I,m sure you will receive it in no time.
  15. EMS is fast. Don't worry!