*sniff* Cal's last trip to Hermes Amsterdam

  1. Well, we're packing up and moving to Australia in six weeks so thought I'd better go in get everything on my list seeing as there's no Hermes in Perth.

    The weather is horrible today and the shops were all pretty busy, even Hermes for a change. Still had plenty of time to browse. There was a White 35 Birkin with Toile (sp?) on the shelf) and, after offering it to me and declining, they put out a 40 Chocolate Brown Togo Birkin.

    I said goodbye to my SA and will be sending her some flowers later in the week to thank her for all her help over the past year. She really is wonderful.

    Anyhoo, here's my purchases, been dying to get all three of these!

    PS - please excuse my kitchen, rest of the house looks like a dump lol.

  2. Oh Cal! I know this is bittersweet, but that is so sweet of you to send your SA flowers! You are a very kind soul! Cannot wait to see what you got!!!
  3. Oh good Cal, cheer me up by showing me a pretty new purchase!
  4. [​IMG]

    Black & Gold Belt with Brushed Palladium Buckle:

    Vert Anis Chevre Globetrotter Agenda, natch had to get diary and index inserts:

    Swinging in St Germain 70cm scarf:

    And as I was walking in the front door, the postman gave me this from my RAOK, which I'll post in the reveal thread:
  5. lol, you ladies sure are fast!!!! Imageshack is running really slow, sorry about the pics not coming straight up.
  6. I LOVE the swinging St-Germain-- and that belt is TDF! Great buys!
  7. I can understand how you feel, it's been this way for my family as well, constantly moving and never really knowing if we have done it all and seen it all. But I take heart in knowing that if I ever want to go back, it's only a plane ride away. You've had a wonderful experience in Amsterdam and a wonderful relationship with your SA. Maybe she might be willing to send items to you from Amsterdam, I know lots of customers even after moving back to the US, they continue to patronize their European stores as they have had already established a long term relationship with them. Just a thought.

    :back2topic: Let's see your beauties!

    ETA: Love all your stuff, especially the agenda!
  8. Gorgeous goodies! I especially love that scarf!
  9. What a way to say "goodbye"!! Cool new stuff.
  10. Beautiful goodies!
  11. oh cal, good luck! although perth does not have H, i heard its a gorgeous place to live!
  12. Lovely! and so sweet of you to send your SA flowers:love:
  13. You did well!
  14. wow, fantastic stuff! i've been after that exact same belt, and the scarf too, AND i was looking at agendas in the wonder room in selfridges today, you have excellent taste :graucho:
  15. Does sound bittersweet, but I am sure you will visit someday!!

    I love it all, but that scarf is BEAUTIFUL!!!