"snif tag" for dogs and cats

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  1. so i came across what sounds like a really cool gadget for pets. its a thing they wear on their collar and you can check online and see what they are up to all day. i was wondering if anyone has it and if it is on sale anywhere. its called snif tag.
  2. this sounds like fun... if someone has heard of it or used it please let us know!
  3. Ok that's awesome...I want two of them!
  4. interesting.... i have to check it out.
  5. LOL, I don't know if I want to know what my doggy does all day.
  6. Did anyone get one? I always thought about getting a nanny cam for the dog, but I am guess all I would get is a video of Katie sleeping on our bed all day.
  7. I want one but I'm afraid I'd get email alerts saying things like "We think your dogs are dead" because I'm pretty sure they just sleep all day!
  8. she's cordoned off in the laundry room area with toys and water so i'm sure she just talks to the other dogs walking past and sleeps:smile:
  9. Bump