Sneezing at the sun?

  1. Whenever my eyes inadvertently look up towards the sun in the sky, I have an uncontrollable urge to sneeze.

    Anyone else experience the same thing?
  2. I've always been like that too. I know other people who do the same thing.
  3. yeah, same here!
  4. happens to me too!
  5. Absolutely! Sun sneezes are the best!
  6. never heard of that, i learned something
  7. Happens to me!
  8. I do that ALL the time, my friends and parents think I'm weird lol.
    I read once that it has to do with the brightness of the sun that causes you to squint and in some people, the squinting irritates their nasal passages causing them to sneeze.
  9. I'm the same way too. I also sneeze like crazy when I pluck my eyebrows.
  10. In fifth grade, my best friend told me to look at the sun if I ever need to sneeze. I thought she was crazy and laughed about it. But now I realize it works for me. I always look for the sun or a bright light when I need to sneeze. Some of my friends do this too, and some think I'm crazy.
  11. me too! :tup:
  12. lol i do three sneezes and it's nuts but it really is 3 for me for it to stop...
  13. This happens to me too! Looking at a bright light helps me sneeze
  14. I sneeze too!
  15. Me too!! I love it, sometimes I do it purposely cause sun sneezes feel soo good, like stretching in the morning :blush: