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  1. I know I'm new to this forum, but it annoys me sooooo much that people are chatting in the deals thread.
    I don't get a chance to come on frequently, but when I do, I like to see what is going on at the outlets and other places in terms of deals.
    It CLEARLY states in the title of the deals thread NO CHATTING. Why are people ignoring this??????
  2. :ninja::nono:

    Naughty, naughty Gucci TFers.

    S U is 100% right!

    No chatting in any of the outlet or ebay deals
  3. Ladies, I'm sorry... I've been guilty of chatting in the deals thread in order to help out a fellow TPF member with their questions/inquiries.
  4. Guilty too...I posted a question and thought it was ok since it related to a deal and thought it might help out others that were wondering about the wallets at the outlet. Oh well.
  5. That's too true - people (esp newbies or tpfers passing through) do post questions in the most odd places

    I just saw a question that should have been in the 'Authenticate This Gucci' thread but was posted in a reference thread #105 :shocked:.

    I have commented on people's collections etc too in the past but I will try to be good from now on.

    The outlet thread is particularly prone because they'll want to 'talk' about an item they see there. If they don't get any answer they might realise they have to do their chatting elsewhere.
  6. Thank you! Someone hears me!!
    I always thought reading was fundamental lol. All kidding aside, I think that maybe NO CHATTING should be BOLDED. But that won't help either probably lol.

    Do you know when people say "I'm just saying.." it never follows a positive comment? Well I understand your good intentions but if you have a question about a particular deal, you should link the deal to the CHAT thread and discuss it from there...I'm just saying! LOL.
  7. it is VERY annoying... and understandable if it's newbies or passerbys, but most of the other threads have the same rule. Maybe we should create a thread specifically for questions/comments regarding the deals threads?
  8. Good idea but it would have to be in the same section because the same people just post where ever they first see and don't search.
  9. ^ good point! I agree.
  10. Is it too late to change the title of this thread? I feel the need to scream or bump this thread up every time i go in there to see a non-deal related post. :pout:
  11. Idk, perhaps the moderators can. However, I've seen them close a thread and restart a new one when it goes awry = cluttered with chatter.
  12. unfortunately this is all too common in a big forum like this one. You should see the number of 'PLEASE CHECK THIS THREAD' threads in other parts of the forum that the mods have started to get people's attention and explain what the forum or thread is for. But with our large population here it's inevitable for it to continue happening.

    The best thing you can do is to report the posts to the mods. I saw they took one off the other day.
  13. b u m p !
  14. Closing. Please take issues to PM only
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.