sneaky spy pics of lookbook from mj boutique

  1. i took a trip over to the mj boutique today to look for a blue bag. it wasn't a successful venture, but i did manage to get a bright blue cosmetics bag! i'll post pics of that later. gabby almost convinced me into buying a petrol elise. i still might get it. i can't decide! i know i shouldn't since i've purchased three mj bags this month alone, but it's so pretty! and tax refunds are coming up soon. and we're getting our rebates from that economic stimulus package, right? it's my civic duty to spend that money! :shame:

    anyway, i was able to flip through the spring 08 lookbook, so i decided to take a couple of pics. sorry i couldn't get anymore than two. there really wasn't much in there that we haven't already seen.

    just in case it's not very clear, the stam will be available in plum, dark grey, putty, raspberry, tangerine, and teal. i mentioned before that fuschia was one of the new colors, but that's actually for a different style.

    the sofia is coming back in the knotted style, which is officially called the mercer line. i kind of like this bag. colors available: chestnut, navy, chalk, putty, rose, and merlot.
    stam 08.jpg sofia 08.jpg
  2. I think I may just have to get a Teal go with my teal ZC!!!
    (does it have the same blue stitching as the F/W teal bags had??)

    that Dark Gray looks more like Black - that's probably why there's no Black Stam this season (although there is the carry over of the Black w/brown stitching from the 2007 Resort line)

    thanx for sneaking us some pics!

    p.s. did ya's notice that he changed the spelling of SOFIA back to its original way (from the 1st season)??
  3. spring stams won't be in until next month, so i didn't get to see it.

    i think he changed it back to "sofia" for his best friend and muse sofia coppola. there hasn't been one interview he's done that he doesn't mention how much he loves her, which is really sweet.
  4. WOW! I just looked again - $1k+ for a Sofia bag (esp w/o suede lining?)?!?!?!

    That's a little nuts, I think.
    (esp since it used to be $895 WITH suede lining!!)
  5. Thanks for posting tadpolenyc!!! The Sofia looks nice...was it as pretty in person?? :nuts: A Sofia in Navy.......:drool::drool::drool: Too bad no more suede...
  6. inflation, lady! knots are expensive, don't you know?!! :devil:
  7. "Sofia, Sofia, Sofia...that sure is a pretty name" - Harpo ^^ and in navy :drool:
  8. I was just wondering if you could tell from the pics (re: teal stitching)

    I think the bag has always been named after Sofia Coppola but I have a feeling that it was constantly being misspelled (by dept stores, websites, etc) that he eventually changed the spelling to the more "traditional" way - I always spelled it with an "f" when I referred to it, since that's how it originally was spelled - I'm glad to see he's returning to his "roots" and its original spelling!!
  9. Did you say PLUM??? I have a severe weakness for purple bags!!
  10. The Sofia bag is nice. Thanks for the sneak peek.

    mslgrrl, is this quote from a movie, like the one in your siggie?
  11. Yup, one of my favorite movies, "The Color Purple." My sig is from Streetcar Named Desire.

  12. Ooooh thanks for the pics TadpoleNYC! I'm loving the Sofia (even with the knots which is odd for me)... I hope I'll be able to snag a navy or merlot one on sale. ;)

    ETA: Do you know if the Sofia will still have the three separate compartments?
  13. omg!!! tangerine stam!!! :yahoo::yahoo:

    and omg!!! prices are higher!!!!
  14. thanks tadypole on spy pics. excited about the sofia. do you know when the sofia will be available? next month? TIA
  15. Wow! The sophia, very interesting!