Sneaky preview of hamstead????

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  1. does anyone have any look book pics of the hamstead? ive heard they have a plaque on them:yes: ???

    anyone waitlisted??:love:

    TIA xx:heart:
  2. check out the thread in my signature you can see pics here
  3. here...look , not at ur my sig
  4. ^:lol::lol:

    I agree though. You should look at label addicts thread.
  5. in rensky's sig the hampstead is to the right. the pm has fixed handles, while the MM and GM have adjustable.
  6. OMG wow wow wow! when are they released? can you get witlisted now?
  7. The pm has fixed handles? Oh no, I asked an SA at the store while we were both looking at the pic in the book and I said do you think the pm can be a shoulder bag and she said yes, it looks adjustable. Is that wrong?
  8. I wonder if the PM is the same size as the Batignolles Regular?
  9. yeh it looks similar in size, when are they released?
  10. i believe, and please correct me if i am wrong, that the hampstead PM does indeed have fixed handles. only mm and gm are adjustable
  11. UK look book says

    PM - handheld
    MM - should bag
    GM - Large shopper
  12. Ok, then the SA was wrong, not the first time. :yes: She was really pushing me to preorder it, I'm so glad I didn't since she was selling it to me as shoulder bag (the pm).
  13. Oh- No!! I want the PM to be a shoulder/handheld... Pooie:sad:
  14. When do these come out..I likey..LOL
  15. i was told my my SA (not an authority by any means, mind you) that the PM is adjustable, so it can be either...:shrugs:
    i'll have to see it IRL too then bc i don't want another handheld.....