Sneaky H Buyers

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  1. How many of you buy for yourselves and then slip it into use--what, this old thing -I've had this forever--just pulled it out of the closet--you're not very observant...
  2. Well, I'm a horrible liar so I tend to not carry my Kelly around people who might ask direct questions... and I'm not married, so I don't have to answer to a PHH! My dogs don't ask any questions and know better than to touch my bags!
  3. Well I'm hoping I can do that w/ my DH!! I recently purchased something at H and I snuck it under the Christmas tree...Does that count???
  4. MG .... I have been meaning to ask you but kept missing out on the appropriate thread to post my question. PBC did mention about your secret purchase ... is it a Kelly or Birkin? You have to tell us what you have under that Xmas tree when it's time for its big revelation ... and also what your Dh thought of it.
  5. pampered, as to your question .... you are referring to family members asking right? I have a few sisters and only the eldest can recognise a Birkin and a Kelly. When she asked if the bag I was carring is new, I would just nod my head but I would not wait there for her to shoot more questions!

    As for my DH, he is familiar with a couple of my H bags but only recently has he seen more orange boxes in my wardrobe but I think he is too afraid to ask what bags there are inside! And I am not about to parade them. He just might have a heart attack.
  6. OMG!!! this thread was meant for me!!! not only do i sneak H purchases, but just about EVERYTHING every week!!! my DH works out of town during the week, so it's heavenly shopping for me mon-thurs. of course, a lil help is needed along the way (ahem....moviegirl & her trusty CC.....) but all is good by the time DH comes home.

    example: i had asked moviegirl during a trip to our local H store to purchase the silver H charm (for my birkin). a few weeks later when it was time to bust it out:

    me - honey, look what (moviegirl) got for me in paris!!!
    DH - wow, that's so generous of her!! what a great friend! u should get her something a lil' nicer for xmas this year!!
    me - (muhahahahahahahaa)

    i also have an enamal bracelet i still have yet to bust out and am in need of a good "story" for it!
  7. Mrssparkles - that is so funny! I'm expecting the same thing to happen to my Dh when I start accumulating birkins and kellys.\ :nuts: :P
  8. TammyD, and he has not seen the multiple smaller orange boxes in the other wardrobe above my knickers drawer ....!!!!! Trust me, I don't think our DHs can take the orange visual!
  9. my DH is about to get a heart attack when he sees my orange box. So I guess I have to hide it somewhere. He knows how a hermes looks like so I have to think of a good story before I debut my kelly. HELP!:sweatdrop:
  10. I, too benefit from being single and having a very uninterested dog. However, within the past month (which is a little more quickly than usual for me:P !), I have just purchased 2 new pretty colorful bags. I have announced their arrival to my very close friends but will try to incorporate them into my life slowly just to avoid too many questions from most others, who might be nosier than I would prefer they be.
  11. :roflmfao:
  12. Hahaha! He might just name those new Big Orange Box sighting days "The Curse of the Orange". I bought an Hermes scarf and a twilly, and the boxes are safely in my office! I strategically placed the scarf and twilly in an obvious-but-not-too-obvious place in my closet so he gets used to it but not enough to think it is new. When I finally use it, I'll say, "Darling, this old thing? I've had this forever!" - yeah, like 2 weeks sitting in my closet!
  13. LOL!!! It's not anything THAT big!!! Esp since I already got my choc box in Paris but its pretty significant considering all the H Loot I had acquired in Paris along w/ the birkin!!!:graucho: :graucho:

    She will have her unveiling around Christmas Eve!! It's my gift but my DH will be totally surprised!!!;)
  14. I've got it down to pat. When my DH sees an H bag he has never seen before, one of the following conversation ensues:

    DH: Is that new?
    ME: What? This old thing? I've had it for a while. (The truth - I actually just bought it a week ago)
    DH: Really? How come I've never seen this bag before?
    ME: I have a lot of bags you've never seen before..Hmmp! (arrogantly)
    DH: Hmmm.... (takes a peek at my closet) I guess there's a lot of things you're hiding from me...
    ME: There's a lot of things you still don't know about me. HA! (again, arrogantly - though we have been married for almost 14 yrs and known each other about 17 yrs!)
    DH: (walks away because he does not like the direction the conversation is heading...)

    DH: (suspiciously) Is that bag new?
    ME: What? I've had this for a while! (But really, I just bought it yesterday!) I guess we've been married for so long that you don't notice anything about me anymore!!! (in an accusing tone and makes a sad face)
    DH: That's not true!!! (tries to defend himself but needs to change topic because it's a no-win situation for him!)

    And hahahhahahah - in both cases, the focus of the conversation has switched from my (NEW) bags to HIM and he doesn't like that so he forgets about what he correctly suspects is a new purchase! :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:
  15. Bad, Bad, Bad girls! But a girl has to do what a girl has to do!