*sneaking over from LV forum* wondering about Hermes scarves

  1. How much are they? Can you buy them only in boutiques? I heard they have a sale how much are they on sale?

    thanks ladies!
  2. The full sized scarves are $325.00, pochettes are $110.00 and twillys are $115.00. You can find them in the Hermes boutique, Neiman Marcus stores and online from Hermes.com.

    I am sorry but I have not been to a sale so I cannot give you information about sale scarves.
  3. I have brought several wonderful ones on eBay-just ask the experts here to authenticate!
  4. I've bought them in store as well as online (they have them on the website.)
  5. all I have to say is there are wonderful!
  6. tread carefully, sphere99, once you start looking at all the action picks of these lovely ladies wearing their scarves you will:lol: be seriously hooked. i started just looking, now theres no turning back.
  7. Take a look at the new 70 cm scarves too!
  8. Oh, H scarves are so wonderful! Before this forum I only had one and never wore it. Now I have several and wear one every day.

    Another good place to buy one is Luxury-Scarves a division of Luxury Zurich. I just bought one for $280-something including shipping. Here is a link to
    Luxury Scarves and links to a couple tPF threads that might be helpful. Be sure to let us know if you get one!!



  9. Last Feb/Mar, when the scarves were on sale in NY, they were $195 + tax. Be careful with the sales scarves, some are perfect and some have defects. Got to look carefully. All sale scarves have an 'S' stamp on them. Generally, 40% off retail + tax.