Sneakers that don't look like you're going to the gym?

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  1. Does anyone have any recs? I need shoes that will match jeans and a t shirt, but are closed toe, somewhat comfortable (need to walk around campus, but not take a hike or anything) but that don't look like I'm about to go do a sport or the gym. Also, not too bulky (will go with skinny jeans). I don't like converse, they are super uncomfortable and wear out too quickly.
  2. Privo , Geox, Puma all come to mind to me and they are not too expensive either
  3. PUMA Speed Cat. IMO, they're perfect just for that purpose. They're adorable (a bit sexy, I think) and definitely not for the gym.
  4. Asics has a cute line - the Asics Diva and i think New Balance has the New Balance Classics (there's also a New Balance line for Nine West) they're all great "leisure" sneakers. Not thick soled gym shoes. Let me know what you find. I'm always looking for something cute and sporty like this.
  5. You could try flats as well, that's what I wear when going about campus.

    Diesel makes some cute sneakers-I had two pairs when I used to wear sneakers. They look sporty but not gym-ish.
  6. I can recommend Céine. I bought a pair last summer in Paris. They look great with skinny jeans, are comfortable and elegant.

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  7. Yep I also agree with Pumas. I have a pair of black ones (don't know the style name though...) that you really can't even tell are tennis shoes if you're far away. And I think they're pretty comfortable considering that they don't have much support.
  8. I have foot problems and have been wearing New Balance every day for 2 yrs now. I just bought a pair of Coach sneakers. They look good, are compact and felt comfy in the store. I have to see how they feel on my feet if I wear them all day.
  9. i would have to go with the puma speedcats too. they are $60 but usually places like footlocker may have them on sale for $40. personally I find them to be very comfortable and stylish. they are perfect for walking. I own 6 pairs and have already worn out 4 pairs.
  10. I'm an Adidas fan.
  11. another vote for the puma speed cats...

    there's always converse chucks!
  12. I'm in love with these Lanvin ones...

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  13. Haha I just googled the Puma Speedcats and that's the style I have least now I know the name!
  14. ^^Puma Speedcats for sure! I think I have 4 or 5 pairs lol... super duper comfy and go with anything!