1. are any of you or your significant others sneaker addicts?

    i, myself, love heels, boots, and flats, but my boyfriend has shared his love of sneakers with me and now i find myself switching styles: sneakerhead to towering over in 4 inch heels.

    the first pair that captivated me in my SO's collection were his espos and then i see that daisy lowe owns a pair! then i think about it and nicole richie and mandy moore were also seen wearing deadstock or very rare kicks due to sneaker fien DJ AM.

    just wondering if any of you like a pair of nike dunks or jordans just as much as a pair of CLs? ;)
  2. yeah i love bf loves stilettos...he hates when i wear any kind of flats lol
  3. I tend to lean towards skate brands (DC, Etnies, DVS etc.) , I'm not a big fan of dunks or jordans.
  4. When I do buy sneakers they are usually Airmaxs or running shoes.
  5. I've been an Air Jordan fiend since I was in Jr. High. It was the only kind of sneakers I would wear. Now I've branched out to Nike Dunks, Vans and Chuck Taylors.
  6. I am a sneaker collector :smile:

    PM me if you wanna talk more about dunks, jordans, sb dunks, blazers, etc.
  7. I wear sneakers most of the time, since they are comfortable and I walk around a lot. (Plus it's a hassle to carry different shoes to training.) I'm not a collector though - I have no idea what mine are called! Just the brand.
  8. I try but I just can't... I feel utterly unsexy in sneakers.. basically anything that even remotely makes me similar to men is out.
  9. nike for gym and pumas any other time i want to wear sneaks
  10. I use to be a sneaker head before collecting handbags. At one time i had 8 xAirmax 95's, 1x Airmax 90, 1x sb, 1x 180s, 2x jordans, 1x adidas steffi. My husband is still a sneakerhead(my influence). He is mainly into jordans, but does buy other nikes that he fancy about 50 in his collection.
  11. yeah!!! i addicted too.i love my asics and converse sneakers they are really comfortable and so cool with jeans :smile:
  12. Classic Keds are the New Black Pump, and I am pleased to have a most respectable collection. ;)
  13. I'm an Adidas fan... love Gazelles and old school Sambas

    My next pair of sneakers will probably be Violet Converse High Tops... love 'em
  14. i'm glad i'm not the only one! just got this pair as a belated birthday gift from the boyfriend.


    love them! my sneaker collection isn't large. i like converses too! i have 4 pairs of converses, the invisibles, pink nike daktaris, black jordan IIIs, white/slate jordan IVs, the claw money blazers above, and tweed blazers. that's all of the sneakers i think i'll need! and of course i have a pair of pumas and nike shox for running!