Sneaker Question...........

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  1. The Coach sneakers that look like the old Converse style that fold down from the top.........What are they called? I know they were on not to long ago, did they ever come in black! I remember seeing them to match this color pattern.....................

    If they didn't do you know if Coach made a similar style shoe that did come in black?

    Thanks for your help!:PYou're the best!
  2. I don't think the fold down came in black. However, I have a pair that are converse style (Jack Purcell style) that are black on black. I got them at Macy's.
  3. They were the bonnie sneakers, I know the dept. store had them in black/white but I think only with legacy stripes!
  4. Thanks for the help!! :heart:
    Do you have a pic that you can share?( if you don't, it's o.k)
  5. Thankyou so much for your help!

  6. The ones that I have are called Barrett. Here are the pix.

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  7. These are cute!! Are they comfy?
  8. Yes they were bonnie. The first came out in signature black/white and tan/khaki with legacy inner. Then came tan/khaki with the tattersale inner.
  9. In the dept. stores ;)

    Coach stores only had the khaki with the tattersall lining which sold out fast, and are no longer available.
  10. i was at Lord and taylor and macys todya an dthe have teh bonnie sneaker black on black with what looks like a lepoard print on fold out ... i so wanted the khaki with the tattersal print on fold out ... i am addicted to caoch shoes