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  1. Hello Sneaker lovers,
    could you help me decide the pros and cons between these two brands?
    materials as well as cool style. I don't have a chance to see in person I would like to get some options.
    thank you
  2. [​IMG][​IMG]
    Which one more durable? Thanks
    Any feedbacks really appreciated
  3. Dont know abt durability, but I like the traditional style of the zanottis more. Not a fan of the lock and key look on a pair if sneakers.
  4. Agree, there's too much going on for the Buscemis.
  5. i have several pairs of zanottis, no buscemis. i'm personally a big fan of how zanottis look, and i gotta agree with ^^ the lock and key thing is kind of weird. as for quality, i can attest to zanotti's excellent quality materials...the only downside is that they take a long, LONG time to break in. very thick, stiff leather. i definitely suggest taking them to a cobbler for a headstart on breaking in.
  6. Do they run true size for zanotti
  7. i think they run a tad small, but i also like to have a little room in my sneakers. i wear a 39 in most designer sneakers but i like my zanottis in a 39.5.
  8. Thank you for great feedback.
    Do you think it is heavy weight? I went to the NM store and my SA would not recommend me get Zanotti brand. They are not popular brand and best seller in my area. Plus , they dont carry alot style for women. It gave me a limited choice.

    I am pretty much heels girl, but been looking for white sneakers. I hope this brand will work.