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  1. Here are some upcoming launches of new creations. Please excuse the bad quality pictures. Should you want to be informed of new and clearer pictures please vote this thread and i shall present you the best pictures.. :angel:




    NOMADE LEATHER- to those appreciate wild leather and suhali lovers as the prices equivalent to suhali collection.The NEW ICONIC SHAPE named LOCKIT will be available.For Speedy, Alma and Keepall will only available in selected stores.



    LOCKIT- new iconic shape, was found in LVuitton archive since old times.Lockit, Lockit Vertical, Lockit Horizontal-inspired by batignolles.

    Suhali- Lockit. PM/MM/GM. Travel(Made to Order)

    Denim- Blue Denim. Backpack 2 sizes.

    Denim- Blue Denim. Pouches.
  2. They all say invalid attachment, I want to see!!:oh:
  3. please repost! i can't see! =C
  4. they all say invalid link...such a TEASE!
  5. repost! I'm so curious! Wanna see!
  6. :cry: Can't see either........
  7. Repost!!
  8. Where are the attachments?
  9. One of the LE'EXTRAORDINAIRES should be a White MC fur muff , it looked awful in the pictures at the store. You could use as an across the body bag too. U.G.L.Y.!!
    That was the worst line by far, it looked cheap.
  10. Can't see either :sad:
  11. Much prefer the suhali lockit to the monogram ones.. I'm just not really feeling the shape unless it's all one colour.
  12. That Suhali "lockit" is shown on the LV website as "L'Inoubliable". it is in the Pe-Fall collection picture 11 of 18.
    I really hope it isn't special order as you say, the bag does not look large enough to be considered luggage.
  13. Nice. The backpack looks cheerful to carry.
  14. I like the back pack as well but I'm not to keen on the first couple of bags. I'm not sure why maybe they aren't my style. I love LV but I'm just not keen on their new line.
  15. Where did you find this info? Some of the pictures look "off" the denim is iffy to me, & the bag called lockit is different in the LV site. I tried googleing the LV Lockit & came up with nothing. Are you some kind of insider or is somebody pulling a fast one on you? If we had an insider, that would be sooo cool!