Sneak Peek: Transporto BV

  1. I was checking out the lesportsac japan website and came across this small little treat...wished the picture was a little bigger but transporto looks really cute on a bag!

  2. ooooooohhhhh thanks for posting this!!!!
  3. cute! I ordered a Ciao from Pulse... I'm getting excited for it.
  4. It's really beautiful .. some dislike the background color but it totally works for me ... will be totally aweome on a Ciao Ciao!
  5. The background is a little blah but it's sort of a little les crazy that way and it probably won't show dirt so bad. I'm excited for it :yahoo:
  6. Yeah, I think I'll be getting something in Transporto. Maybe a Trenino. I wish it was more of a scene print... but the guys are just too cute.
  7. Cute! When does this pattern come out?
  8. I believe it comes out in September - according to LSS Japan, famiglia in July, tutti in August, and transporto in September. I'm sure some stores will get it in late August too?
  9. ooh i like it more now that i've seen it as a bag
  10. It looks so cute! I think I might want a Cucciolo!! Thanks for posting the picture!!
  11. thanks for posting the pix!! it's so cute!
  12. This photo also helps us get an idea how big the print is before it repeats.

    I'm pretty confident that I'll get all the characters in a zucca.

  13. oooh.. i do wish it had more background too..but it's still cute

    thanks for posting this!
  14. Yayyy I can't wait for my zucca&denaro ^__^ I too do not like the background color but the characters on it are too cute to pass up.
  15. definitely going for a zucca in this print!