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  1. My SAKS has their CHANEL trunk show in AM....My SA took pics of a bag he KNEW i HAD TO HAVE.

    This is my new FAVE BAG!I cant wait to get it in..Im so excited!Ill post more pics later.this was all i have for now....BUT truly the nicest bag this season,IMHO.What an AMAZING MOMMY BAG!
    SA says its a tad bigger than the maxi....
    and that the interior of it is amazing as well.

    oh and the CC is a magnetic snap

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  2. Wow! I love it. Definitely a bag that would be extremely versatile . . . I can see using it when I travel or for my netbook.
  3. Is this an easy 2.55 or the bag called "nature"? I am really considering a messenger style bag as my next mommy bag for the hands free aspect. I have been using primarily totes. Thanks!

  4. #4 Jan 28, 2010
    Last edited: Jan 28, 2010
    Jill, this is the winner compared to the Metallic Accordian Reissue! At least the straps make sense for a heavy mommy bag, love the extra option of the chain straps for the glam factor. Quilted, rectangular and metal CC logo, it has everything I love about Chanel! This is same bag posted by lallybelle in the thread

    And yes, it is bigger than a Maxi but nicer as bag this size shouldn't be too structured. Hirsh's SA, Penny has a modeling pic of it in pink!
  5. I love this!!! I want to see more pictures!!
  6. i think so too! finally a classic messenger! i keep going back at penney's pics to look at the pink :amuse:
  7. love this bag! does it have a name?
  8. Wondering if the leather strap is removable since it also has the classic chain...
    Anyone knows??
  9. [​IMG]

    Price: $3,375.00
  10. doesn't look like. but i'm sure it can be tucked under the flap :smile:
  11. FINALLY i found somethin that i really2 loveeee, i likee this flap a lot! it reminded me of my expandable flap bag! hope it will comes in load of colors!

    hi charm: are u done with the portobellos hihi? i ammmm so done with portobellos =)
  12. I really like this bag too. Does it come in a smaller size? Thanks, thanks :smile:
  13. oooh what a chic bag! Definitely one for the yummy mummys!
  14. We do have the same taste do we!? I bought my 1st Chanel Accordian Flap because of your picture with a statue I think St. Petersburg or something like that!! Remember??
  15. Damian picture is so nice and the size is proportional , but Penney's picture makes the bag looks hugeee?
    is it that big?