Sneak Peek: Double Giveaway!

  1. Who can travel to Europe and not pick up some gifts?? Not I. Even better, Vlad and I were both feeling so generous that we picked up two gifts for our loyal readers and members to tPB and tPF. Tonight is merely a sneak peek, to get the wheels spinning on what our two goodies may be, and tomorrow evening we will announce the contest and the bags! Hope you are all excited as we are! :jammin:


  2. :huh:h, what a tease!! i hope you 2 are still having lotsa fun!
  3. oh yay! The PF contests are always so much fun! Thanks you guys! I hope you're enjoying Europe! I see sea in the background, always a good sign!
  4. I'm so excited! Hope y'all are havin' a blast!!
  5. the first one looks like a BV cosmetic case...
  6. We are back!! Trip is over!!

    The 'sea' is the waterways in Venice Italy! :yes:
  7. Did you do a Gondola ride?
  8. Welcome back!!!
  9. Ooo, So glad you guys are back safely... :heart:
  10. Welcome back, know you had a fab time :smile:
  11. Hope you had a thoroughly AWESOME, FUN, RELAXING, ENJOYABLE and ROMANTIC Holiday. We all Missed you:yes:
  12. Hi Hon!! I miss y'all!:love:
  13. Am I drunk or are those pics blurry? Hehe
  14. Aww, I hope you guys had a fantabulous time! I will admit to being very jealous....I could use a good European vacation right now. Can't wait to see what the goodies are!!!:yes:
  15. You are totally wasted... :drinkup:

    They are in focus perfectly!