Sneak peek at one of next seasons bags...

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  1. Came across an article in the Sunday Times with Thierry Andretta. The photo is of him in the Somerset factory with an unknown bag on the production line. I took a picture of the picture on my phone and sent it to someone in the know ;). They have come back to me and said all they can say is that this is the smaller size and it will definitely be going into production!

    It is only a tiny picture but I thought some of you might be interested. I think it looks like quite a nice old school style NVT satchel but it's so hard to see, might even be a backpack.
  2. “The Alexa is over,” shrugs Thierry Andretta, Guillon's impish French-Italian successor...

    So says Mulberry's CEO in this article :faint:
  3. I know. :P

    Interesting, when juxtaposed with this idea:
    “I knew I didn’t want to alienate existing customers,”*says Coca.*

    And shows how much corporate double-speak is happening, imo.
    As they insult the very bags which made mulb famous.
    And drew customers to seek brand.

  4. Double talk indeed! And I love my Alexa :smile:
  5. The Alexa hasn't been on display at my nearest Mulberry store for many months, I remember commenting.
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    Mulberry have said they are only keeping the Bays (core colours) and the Lily. They decided the Alexa was over, when they knock a bag back to core colours it looses even more buyers. If they'd offered different colours in the Alexa over the last couple of years I'd have probably have bought another.

    The Alexa isn't over for me :Pullhair:
  7. Who told you that?

    Lily is definitely around for the next 2 seasons :biggrin: They put the price up of some last week, that wouldn't happen to a bag being discontinued. Alexa is definitely going but I suppose it might stay go in outlets.
  8. Yes keeping the Bays and the Lily. :lol: Perhaps that read a little wrong " they're keeping Bays & Lily "going" as in continuing. I've re-phrased so not to cause confusion. ;)
    Alexa definitely being discontinued :cry: I'm not interested in an Outlet special if they come up with one.
  9. So the Alexa is over and I have two Alexa's and really like them. The Bayswater is a clumsy bag with the pocket in the wrong place and dull hardware. Oh no, I also have two clumsy Bayswater bags. What type of business people trash their own brand? Coca said he did not want to alienate Mulberry customers and Andretta apparently would not want to do so but both have managed to do just that.
  10. Looks like the morgan to me?
  11. They have achieved what they set out to do new mulberry isn't for me ever whatever the reduction
  12. Not a problem for me that the Alexa is over as I don't religiously follow trends, I buy bags that I like which fit my needs/requirements. I still love the five that I have :smile:
  13. Exactly!! They could say whatever they like. I will keep my money in my pocket after I add my last classic bays and lily!