Sneak peek at my heart purse today

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  1. Im off this afternoon to look at the valentines pastilles key chain.

    My SA called me yesterday ans said he had put aside for me to look at and he could ring it up on thursday with my :heart: purse, so going today to look at it and at the same time he said I could take a look at my purse.

    Really cant wait for Thursday!
  2. I saw it yesterday at my store..lOL..LOVES IT! I must have one too!
  3. i cant watit! my sa still has not called yet!!!!!!!
  4. Yeah, it's sooo cute! At our meet in LV on Thursday, one of our PF'ers was offered to buy it then and there... amazing!
  5. I can't wait to pick up the Valentine's day things too!
  6. only 2 more days, cant wait to see pic's.
  7. i wish i can get at least one!