Sneak Peak from my SA!!!

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  1. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1392941809.929582.jpg
    I ❤️❤️❤️ that purple and yellow!!!
  2. Loving that yellow wallet!!
  3. Love the purple!!
  4. last bag is absolutely beautiful..i love it
  5. She says those are the new emp colors for Spring!!!
  6. Lovin that scarf and the black bag! Thanks for sharing!!!
  7. I looooove it! Thank you for sharing ..
  8. Pretty bags but I LOVE that scarf!!!!!
  9. I got to see all of these colors today except the Lilac color of the Zippy. Yes, holding my breath, I got to see the Montaigne in the new Black. I bought it on the spot! The black has (of course) gold hardware and it's fantastic. She even wrote it up for March 1 so I'll get it before the price increase!

    The Citron is lovely. The Amethyst is TDF - but its bright…really bright. If you like that "pop" of color then this is the color for you!

    I actually was there to see the Fascinante in Aurore. I just had to go with the Black Emp first. When I did, I said "well the Aurore will always be there for me to get later" and she basically said, uh well…

    Now take away from this what you will. It made me feel a bit uncomfortable about Aurore. You did not hear this from me. :amazed:

  10. You lucky woman! I must have that black Montaigne myself. OMG... I am texting my SA in the next minute!
  11. You go girl!!! You won't be sorry. :loveeyes:
  12. I love the purple! Thanks for sharing!
  13. Oh no! I hope they are not discontinuing aurore!
  14. Wow, wow, wow!!! Thanks for sharing!

  15. Lol!!!! You enabler you! I was going to get the speedy emp but now I'm having MAJOR second thoughts as to which to get first... Hmmmmmm.. Decisions decisions!