Snatched up the last forest green decoltissimo!

  1. So, I just got the last pair of forest green decoltissimos off of N-A-P. It was a total impulse buy, so I'm a little bit undecided. However, they're my fourth pair of CLs and the first one I got at such a great deal, so I'm tempted to just keep them anyway! Since I thrive on other people's opinions, I wanted you all to take a look and see how they looked on. 85mm (feels so low!)



  2. wooooow! those look HOT! KEEP THEM AND MAKE THE BOYS CRY!! ;)
  3. You look great in them. I'd would keep them.
  4. I really like them!!!
  5. I've tried them in black, and was liking them because they were not too high. This green is a definite keeper!! They look fantastic on your feet. :yes:
  6. I have the grey from NAP and love them - isn't it funny how 3.3" now seems low?? :p They look amazing on you. I'm sad now that I didn't get the forest green.
  7. Keep for sure! They look great on you!
  8. 85 mm low :roflmfao:. Was a time I would have considered that very high :yes: I really like those on you and the height will make them great for work or casual wear and you can dress them up! You go girl!
  9. Keep, I like the color!
  10. Nice legs... I mean, nice shoes. :p
  11. Those look hot! They dont even look that low from the back view. Keepers! :smile:
  12. WOW
    They loook sooo much better on than in the pics!!!
    Great buy!!
  13. Not many people have the right foot shape [like you do] to fit that style, but ooh when they do.....:girlsigh:

    Those are sex-on-a-stick, keep them! :flowers:
  14. Those look really hot!!! I think it's nice to have a "lower heeled" pair to wear when we're going to be on our feet more. It's so amusing to think we consider those "low heels."

    CONGRATS on the great deal!
  15. gorgeous, i love the green!