Snatched out of my hands :(

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Sep 7, 2012
They really were just jealous and wanted to steal your happiness unfortunately. Your cousin's mom could have easily just went out and bought her a bag (sounds like they have the funds) or even something that your cousin was actually interested in. So sorry.
Nov 27, 2009
To the OP:

You are a much better person than I am and I am sure you should be rewarded in life for being such in life, just not positive you will unfortunately.

Your story simply reinforces to me, why I as an only child, completely abandoned all but one Aunt in my extended family on both sides when my older parents died within two months of each other and it has been 20 years now and I have zero regrets.

Your parents died young, you struggled to take care of yourself and raise your younger sibling and I would imagine that being done with no financial assistance or help from that family of yours, from the sound of it, sounds just like mine. Without asking, your Aunt decided to give you a LV bag that she had for some time, knowing that you loved the brand and as a reward for doing well in school. The other Aunt pitched a fit because her daughter, you obviously has had the world handed to her on a silver platter, didn't get such a gift and had the whatevers to SAY SOMETHING about it, unbelievable.

Then the gifting Aunt not only asks for the gift back, but for YOU TO PAY OUT OF YOUR OWN POCKET to send it to your cousin.

Frankly, I would said NO, a gift is exactly that and I was keeping it. Since you didn't, you are perfectly well justified in suiting up and showing up and taking your Indian giver Aunt to the LV store and picking out an expensive bag of your choice, in my opinion.

With all respect, nice doesn't seem to get you too far in this very cold and cruel world of ours, JMO.


Jan 10, 2013

Soon when I am done with school and get my career started and my nice aunt & I go on shopping sprees at LV, she won't be able to say a word! :tup:
You are correct... You need to be positive and think of all the good times you will have shopping in the future! Don't dwell on this negative behavior! Take the high road...after all not many people are on this road! It is a beautiful stroll all by yourself.

And IF you can...the next time you see the aunt and cousin that have the bag, you need to make a positive comment. Something like, Oh, the Speedy B is a great bag, you will love using it. You need to let them know that they didn't break you! You are a strong independent woman.

Congrats on your grades and taking care of your little brother! That is special!


Howdy Y'all
Oct 22, 2012
Deep In The Heart of TX
Oh, dear sweet girl. This is a horrible situation. I'm so very sorry that you no longer have the LV your sweet Aunt gave you for straight A's in school.

I'm a firm believer in "What goes around, comes around". I see a wonderful life in front of you. You took good care of your younger brother at a time in your life when other girls were just footloose and fancy free. But not you. You did the right thing.

Then, to go back to college at 25? Totally impressive. And you're paying your own way - ultra impressive.

Forget about this. Please just put it behind you. These people are not worthy of you. You obviously have a moral compass that will serve you well in life. It may not come in monetary form, but, trust me, the happiness that I believe is coming your way will give you a long and happy life.

IMHO you're a great gal and great things are in store for your future. Hang onto that and all will be well. I can tell that your :heart: is full of love and really, isn't that what life is all about? :hugs:


Mar 31, 2010
Sounds like complete family BS to me, but curious, when you wrote "Just to alleviate the drama between my aunts, I was asked to send my cousin the bag today"-- WHO asked you to send the bag to your cousin?? That seems like an odd solution, the complaint should have gone to your sweet aunt and it would have been up to her to send something to the other cousin or not for past accomplishments.. maybe something she'd enjoy more within her interests. I don't get at ALL why you sent her your gift?? :nogood: And I'd take your aunt up on her offer!!! Don't let that awful family win your gift. Which it sounds like you heartily deserve and your aunt wanted you to have. She should really ***** to that family honestly. And get it back for you. In life "you teach others how to treat you." I'm so sorry that happened.


May 23, 2014
:mad::mad::mad:Wow, that's some seriously petty BS all the way around. I hate that this happened to you but if there is anything you can take from this it's that now you know what kind of people your aunt and cousin are.

Keep your head up and keep doing what you're doing and soon you'll be able to afford all the LV you want and you can tell the petty bitter folk to go pound sand.


Jul 26, 2013
Dallas/Ft. Worth
So sorry OP!!! I remember your reveal and posted "she'd be my favorite aunt". I don't understand why YOU had to send it to the cousin. I'm with the others, and that it should've been sent back to the aunt who gave it to you if anything. She either keeps it and there be no reward for either one of you, or she should've stood her ground and let you keep it. After all you have the same interest in LV and design. Sad thing is whether your wicked aunt uses it or your cousin, it probable wont be well taken care of like it would be from someone who appreciated it so much.

Just keep your head up and know you're the better person. It's sounds like you're a very motivated young woman, who has been given a full plate to handle at young age and handling it very well. Your hard work and determination will get you far in life, no doubt.

By the way, I loved the ideas that were mentioned of buying a fake bag and sending it! Or getting your initials heat stamped on it!! So funny!


Jul 13, 2010
Melbourne Australia

I did a reveal here late last week of a DE Speedy B 30 that my aunt had given to me as a gift for getting straight A's. It was a bag she had bought for herself and used a few times before realizing it wasn't the right bag for her, so it had been sitting in her closet until she sent it to me. She and I have a great relationship - I'm kind of like the daughter she never had (she has two sons). Between my cousins and I, there are only two girls - myself and one female cousin. She's not into fashion or handbags or anything expensive for that matter. Her mom (my other aunt) got really upset when she found out that I was given an LV "just for getting straight A's" while her daughter "wasn't given anything" when she got straight A's once.

In a way, I understand where she is coming from, but in other ways I feel she just doesn't get it. My aunt did not go out and buy me this bag brand new just because I got straight A's. It was a bag that was merely collecting dust because she wasn't going to use it and she felt that giving it to me was a good way to at least get use out of the bag. My parents passed away when I was in high school and I have been taking care of my younger brother ever since. I finally got him standing on his own two feet so at 25 years old, I was finally able to go to college... which I am paying my own way through, btw. So this was a very big deal for me. My cousin, on the other hand, went to college straight out of high school and never had to worry about taking care of her younger brother. Her parents paid for all of her expenses, including tuition, and did not have to lift a finger. She has no interest in fashion and is very distant towards our aunt, while I am pretty close with that aunt and we share our love of fashion and designer handbags (she was the one who got me into LV in the first place).

Just to alleviate the drama between my aunts, I was asked to send my cousin the bag today. I have a lot going on right now with school and work, I don't need the extra drama in my life... so I gave it up without much of a fight. I am sad knowing that that beautiful, MIF Speedy B probably won't get used much and when she does, it'll probably be the other aunt using her rather than my cousin anyway even though it is now technically my cousin's gift.

My aunt feels so bad that this happened, especially because she didn't think it would be such a huge deal in the first place considering my cousin hates that kind of stuff. Who knows what really happened. She offered to take me to the LV store when I come visit in a few months to get me a bag of my choice, but I feel bad accepting such a big gift so I told her it's okay and not to worry about it. It was a rather generous gift just for getting straight A's and I only accepted the Speedy B in the first place because it wouldn't have gotten any use otherwise and it's not like she was spending any extra money by giving that to me.

I'm pretty heartbroken right now because I was so excited to have a carefree Speedy B. My Speedy B is mono so I have to baby her a little bit, but having it in DE pretty much solved all my problems. To make matters worse, my red purse organizer got delivered today. I ordered a red one to match the DE since I would have been using her more. :nogood::crybaby:

Sorry for writing you guys a novel, but I needed to vent somewhere. Has something like this ever happened to any of you??
This isn't right.. Don't send the bag. Get it hotstamped with your initials and keep it. How is your cousin getting the bag fixing the problem? Don't give into that behaviour, they are purposely doing it so they get what they want. If your cousin wants an LV tell her MUM to get it for her. Jeeeeez. Please don't send it to her thats so silly


Dec 14, 2012
Not far from paradise
You are wise to just end the drama by sending the bag away. It's a fight between 2 sisters and it's probably best not to get involved. I have a feeling your cousin don't even give 2 hoots about whether she gets gifted a bag for her achievements, the drama was probably started by her mom who felt slighted by her sister, so try not to be mad at her. All the best and continue to get those As!


wool collector
Jan 18, 2014
GTA, Ontario
I'm so sorry they did that to you:sad: You sound like such a good hearted person, and you don't deserve to be treated like that! You're a better woman than me, because I'd flat out refuse to send people like that a grocery bag, much less a loved bag. The nerve of some people is shocking!