Snappy Comebacks To Those "IRL" Questions?

  1. Morning all!

    Brought this up in another thread and thought I'd start its own...

    I was wondering what kind of remarks you tell folks when asked those 3 words, "Is that real?!"

    I ask because I carry my Sophie and wonder, due to the fact that it is rarely seen carried, when I will eventually get asked that question. And if so, I'd like to have a witty response ;).

    So share please! What do you guys say? :idea: I'm sure you can always brush it off with, "it's none of your business," or a plain "yes" but I'd love to hear other more "creative" statements :biggrin:

    :heart: Mich
  2. hehe! Ooo I cant wait! I have always just said, yes and walked off but I would love to hear others! xx
  3. ^^me too:yes:
  4. For people that I know... "What do YOU think?"

    For strangers... "Yes"
  5. "You obviously don't shop at LV much."

  6. ditto! with the added "bit*h please" glare to strangers! :roflmfao: :rolleyes:
  7. now I feel bad...I don't have any Louis but still can tell them apart...:sweatdrop:
  8. Do you really say that, DeluxeDuck? If so, what reactions do you get??

    I have only ever been asked once by a stranger, and I just mumbled a "yes".

    Other times I've been asked by acquaintances at uni (friends don't ask :p) and I just say "no" :lol:

    Sorry can't help you with creativity!
  9. "Beg your sugardaddy to buy you one, then lets compare." ;)
  10. ^ deluxeduck :roflmfao:
  11. omg hahahahahah! love it! :biggrin:
  12. "Of course! Fake bags are for fake people!" :amuse:
  13. "i don't carry fakes."
  14. haven't really got a comment, I think a simple 'yes it is' is classy enough, getting witty or rude just makes a person look like an ass in my opinion.

    This woman who teaches at my son's school asked me if my mono speedy 30 was real, or rather did I get it on eBay, since she knows I eBay, and I said I got it from eluxury and she doubted it's authenticity which made me so annoyed. She asked where they get the bags and I said Louis Vuitton is that right? Or do they have a separate warehouse? Whatever, the point was she was thinking my bag I got my elux was fake which was so irritating~ She's gotten gucci though from elux, pita person!
  15. "As real as my breasts, darling!" :graucho:

    Edit: umm, obviously this only works if your boobs are real and you're a girl .... hmmm, and I wouldn't pull it with complete strangers on the street