Snapple Spilled All Over My Neverfull Lining!! What to Do?

  1. After coming home from school I realized that a bottle of snapple i was carrying in my neverfull mm had spilled quite a bit over the entire bottom of my bag! only the lining is wet, but how do i clean it off? i don't want an old snapple stench ruining my lovely bag. please help !!
  2. Have you tried baby wipes? I used Huggies baby wipes to clean denim jeans color transfer onto my white MC Rita and it came right off. Perhaps baby wipes will clean the Snapple off of the lining. Good luck!
  3. I hope you can get the smell out! That is why I don't carry that kind of stuff in my bag.
  4. That's good to know...

    OP, I would inside out the bag, which should be pretty easy to do, my store is displaying them that you can wipe it down with the baby wipes...and then let it dry well :smile:

    Good luck!