Snapping Hip

  1. Hi i was just wondering if there was anyone out there who can do a thing with their hip when it makes a clunking noise and looks like you may be dislocating it ? I went through a million doctors becuase of it and i was told it was when a ligament moved over your hip and that it wasnt dislocating at all. Although it really hurts and the looks on people's faces when they see it. I was wondering if anyone know's of a way that i can stop myself from doing it. One doctor said that i must have taught myself how to do it as a kid. Other doctors thought that i could dislocate it as i have other double jointed bones in my body.
    Thanks please help.
  2. even if you dont know how to stop it if you know anything about it could you please help ?
  3. Back when I was still walking, I had something simular to this... if my foot was turned a certain way and I stepped out just right, I would feel this "snap" like feeling slide over the ball joint in my hip. My doctor said it from favoring one leg over another when I first injured my spine in 1989, as well as when we females have babies, we tend to carry them on one hip. School books too.

    Medicallly, I don't know what they can do, I always thought I was the only one! HA!
    Good luck!
  4. my joints dislocate constantly, hips, shoulders, my knee is the worst . it really hurts when this happens, and i have to physically pop it back in (happened last night and i teared out of pain).

    however, i think its genetic. i have a 16 year old cousin that just had shoulder surgery and afterwards my fam was sitting around talking and we realized that 1) we are all super flexible and 2) every aunt and uncle and many of the cousins have had surgery on major joints. personally i think they go hand in hand, loose ligaments and double jointedness.

    on that note, can i suggest that you try yoga? the positions that you end up in help to build lean muscles around the joint, plus double jointedness is actually a good thing there :yes: