snapping/breaking Louboutin heels? (speaking of DRAMA)

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  1. About a month ago, my 85 bone kid simple pump heel SNAPPED OFF. Completely. The whole heel came off, and was held on to the shoe by the red sole. Small screws/nails were visible (and what appeared to be dried glue?).

    Anyhow - took them back to the boutique (Davids, Toronto) and within a couple of days, they were returned to me, fixed.

    I'd only had them since June, and I take excellent care of my Louboutins (I wear them at the office, but not commuting or for running around the city). They actually snapped while I was sitting at my desk - I literally was moving my chair forward to get closer to the keyboard.

    I should have taken a picture for you guys (frankly, it was TRAUMATIC!!!)...

    Anyone else snap or break a heel??
  2. p.s. these are the ones that broke!

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  3. I'm so sorry to hear that. I haven't had problems with my CL heels, but as I posted in another thread, I had a pair of CL Miss Marple. I've had them for about a year but only wore them 7-8 times. Like you, I'm very careful with my CLs. I noticed the platform surface (it looks like stacked wood, but is actually a facade) started to bubble in several spots. I was so disappointed and upset because they were $710. I took them to Saks and they said it was clearly a defect and they credited me for the shoes. I have a few more CL pairs and have no problems with those yet.

    You should definitely take those back and perhaps get them replaced instead of fixed again. Good luck!
  4. I never have...
    but your Louboutins look brand-new!:nuts:

  5. Oh I have! The heel my Yo-Yo pumps totally fell apart the first day I wore them! A nail or something metal resmebling a nail came through the plastic/rubber thing on the heel and the heel itself had started to snap in half! I returned them to NM and they took them back no questions asked, they said they were defective. However, when I got the replacement, the red material on the heel was already coming apart! I don't know but now I have 5 pairs of CLs sitting in their boxes because I am afraid to wear them!
  6. The tip of one of my raffia YoYo slingbacks came off on their virgin run around the block. That was a simple fix though and no damage to the shoe. I was wondering why I heard this weird noise while walking that sounded like metal scraping on the sidewalk. Haven't had a problem with them since though.
  7. Wow! That's never happened to me, but when I wear my slingbacks, I feel like their a bit fragile cause the very tip of the stiletto is crooked. (The base for it is crooked and I can't seem to get it to face forwards again)
    However, I am glad to hear that you were able to get them repaired! Whew!
  8. I think it was just a case of stilleto vs. cracks in the sidewalk. Or at least that's what I'm sticking to!
  9. I had the heel snap off a pair at my friends wedding reception. Luckily, it was at the end and my hotel was just across the street. Unluckily, a bunch of us decided to go out drinking in downtown san diego afterwards and I had to wear my orange flip-flops with my wedding attire.

    When I got back to New York I took them to the CL store uptown and they repaired them for free. It has been almost two years and I haven't worn them again.
  10. I know this is a dead thread but I really wanted to share this. I've cut out the parts regarding my horrendous customer service at Barney's after the heel actually snapped.

    Since I recently just moved, I promised myself that I'd indulge a bit and decide to cave and purchase a pair of CL's as a celebratory gift as soon as I got a job.

    I went to Barneys on Monday and debated between the Simple Pumps 100, Bianca, and the Lastoto 85. The Lastoto had been an online return. Lauren (sales associate) remembered me from the week before and told me that this pair wasn't here last week. So I try on all 3 and decide the ankle boot would be a good investment, considering they were only $390 versus being just under $1000 full price. I made sure I asked if there was anything wrong with the shoe and she said no. So I took the plunge and made the purchase.

    I was planning on taking them to NYC this weekend so I wanted to break them in a bit. Dry cleaners is about a 15 minute walk on all paved sidewalk. Not gravel, not cobblestone, none of that. 15 MINUTES!!

    So I start my trek home (and my luck? it was 100 degrees with humidity here in Boston yesterday) and I almost make it home and the heel on the right starts to break away from the shoe.

    Ridiculous. I emailed all the email addresses I could find for both Barneys and Louboutin. And Louboutin got back to me today with basically a big “Well that sucks for you and we don’t take responsibility for products outside of our boutique.”
  11. Why don't you take it back to Barney's?
  12. I most certainly took them back to Barney's. I didn't want to include that experience in this post though :/ The customer service was as horrifying as the heel snapping.

    Don't get me wrong, I'd love to still own a pair of red soles but I'm really just a little heartbroken. They were my first pair.
  13. Oh no, you're telling me Barneys didn't rectify the issue..that is ridiculous and unacceptable IMO!
  14. I'm so sorry to hear...every shoes lover worse nightmare! I hope the heel never snap off on me, ever.

    So Barney's didn't refund you or anything?
  15. I'm happy to hear David's rectified the issue - The service there is usually top notch!