Snap vs zipper wallet?

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  1. Which do you prefer and why? Do you feel your items are secure with a snap? TIA!
  2. Snap, for sure. I find they are easier, and less fussy getting in and out of. I find my items very secure.
  3. I have both Sarah with snap, and Zippy organizer wallet - I prefer the zip, it's smooth as butter and the wallet is thinner, and I do feel a bit more secure with it. I also don't have a lot of luck with snaps; over time they seem to loosen and difficult to fix, but my 6-month old Sarah hasn't loosened yet. Just a matter of personal choice.
  4. My Emilies have snap closures and my Clemence has a zipper; both are secure, both open and close easily although the zipper takes an extra second, and the hardware has a perfect fit (the snap is easy to open and close yet remains secure and the zipper glides smoothly with a purr). I think it's ultimately a matter of personal preference and which type of wallet style suits you the best.
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    Last edited: Mar 6, 2016
    I prefer the snap closure (but not a trifold). I used my multicolour wallet (I believe it was the predecessor to the or intercontinental...I can't remember lol) for about 7 years daily and the snap was as strong as ever, and I never had an issue with security.

    I have had a ZCW since February 2015 and I've found that I don't like the zip around that much.

    I think I prefer the snap because, for me, it's more convenient and more flexible. Sometimes things get caught in the zipper if I've not been super careful putting a receipt in - I find it more finicky.

    I'll be purchasing the Emilie wallet next I think - looking forward to being back with a snap closure!
  6. love the zcw. it is by far my most used wallet. also love the insolite but i don't use it as much because i have been using smaller bags lately.
  7. Personal preference is snap closure. I feel it's easier to get into. Zippy wallets are a bit fussier for me
  8. I prefer the button. Feels more ladylike
  9. Zippy for sure. I like it all "contained."
  10. i love both equal, Sarah was my first love and now the Zippy have grown on me a lot. its more slim, keep me more organize and holds a lot more. Sarah with the snap is easier to access your things.
  11. I prefer the snap wallet. Last year, I decided to try the zcp. I love it but I feel like the snap is so much easier and less fuss. When I'm at a store, I'm always on the go. I've had cards get caught on the zipper portion while getting it in and out... annoying.

    As much as I love my zcp, I tend to use my snap wallets more. As for security, both are equal to me. I've never had issues.
  12. I have both as well and prefer snap closure type wallets. While the zipper on my ZCW is very smooth, sometimes my money gets caught in the zipper which can be annoying.
  13. Zippy is my favorite -- I don't like to hold up a flap on a wallet or handbag to get into it....
  14. Snap for sure! I always worry that some bills, receipts may get stuck in the zipper if I am in a rush.
  15. Thank you for the input!
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