Snap It Up!!!

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  1. Btw....did anyone here get this bag? I see that it's been sold. I know there were a few girls looking for it, and I know the Navy is hard to find, so I hope someone here got it! :woohoo:
  2. I hope someone here got it! :sweatdrop: navy is TDF!
  3. Stinkerbelle, that was a good deal on the Ramona in Navy. I am kinda sorta looking for a Navy bag, but not the Ramona. I'd love to get a Maddy, Rock or even Mina in Navy...unfortunately I don't think those bags are made in Navy:sad: I need to wait a couple of months to spend more $$$ on a bag anyway. Maybe something new will come out for spring!:smile:
  4. OMG, that's one of my favourite bags ever...but I never got around to getting one...whoever snagged that gorgeous navy Ramona is one lucky lady!!! :nuts:
  5. It was me.:smile: I decided to jump into Choo with both feet and couldn't pass it up wih the extra 15% off.
  6. Lucky girl :yahoo: :nuts: :woohoo: Please post pics when it arrives!
  7. Oh good! I'm so glad it was someone here who got it! And with 15% off, you got a great deal! Congrats! Enjoy her and welcome to the wonderful world of CHOO! :yahoo:
  8. Wow, I dunno how much it was...But that is a great snag. You wont find a navy ramona anywhere else, its from the first season of ramonas I believe!

    OT: But they should release a navy patent ramona.
  9. I think there is an authentic one on e-bay right now.
  10. Agree, that one looks authentic....... a hard to find navy!!
  11. Lucky you Lionlaw. The navy Ramona was the first bag that "captured" me when it was first featured on the purse blog. I fell in love with it at first sight. I never saw it IRL. I would die for one!
  12. wow- ive never heard of this web. is it for sure that they sell authentic items? and how do they know if it is? do they just believe the person that sells them the bag?