Snap button on your wallet/agenda....

  1. Is the gold snap button on your PTI, french purse, agenda, etc...super tight? I just bought a pomme french purse & the snap button is very hard to close. I have to press the entire wallet very hard in order to close it. I can imagine if there are credit cards in will make a deep imprint. It's very hard to open the wallet as well. I am worry that it will stretch the leather around the button when I pull on the snap button too hard trying to open it. Is your snap button that tight too? I have another french purse in the monogram canvas (which is not as soft as the vernis) & it's not like that. The SA told me that it's better to have it tight than loose. Is it true? Do you think the snap button will loosen up with use? What do you think? Did yours loosen up with use?
  2. The snap button will definitely loosen up with use. I just bought a mono pochette wallet and the snap button is pretty tight. Your SA is rightL it's better that way. Plus it's a sign that your wallet wasn't handled too much before you bought it.
  3. I agree. Although my wallet and agenda aren't *THAT* tight, but they were definitely tighter when I just bought them than now after many uses:yes:
    Also I wouldn't worry about the leather/canvas around the buttons being pulled when you try to open it. My stuff also pull, no biggie.
  4. Thanks, diva lee & CEC.LV4eva......

    I feel much better now. I actually thought I got a defective item as it's too hard to open/close. Yes, diva lee.....I agree that it's also good to know that my wallet is not being handle much at all. :yes: