Snap button on Jumbo flap BROKEN?

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  1. I was just taking a look at the snap button on my jumbo flap and realized that the snap button on both sides have cracked!! I am so shocked because I never even use that snap closure.. I usually just buckle with the logo toggle lock. Can someone please advise whether this is common or what may have caused it? I am aware it can probably be fixed but the country I live in has no Chanel boutique so that may be a problem. Although I'm not desperate to get it fixed, but will it FALL OFF if I leave it? SO WORRIED PLEASE HELP :sad: :sad: :sad:

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  2. Oh yikes! So sorry to hear. I would be just as shocked as I always leave those buttons alone as well. This might sound bizarre but could it be the climate of where you live that might have caused this to crack?

    I would definitely contact where you bought the purse from to see what they could do. Good luck!
  3. I bought it from an online seller so they're not the officials hence I doubt anything could be done, I'm just worried about it falling off! Any tips on storing the flaps? Maybe my room is too humid that caused this? I have no idea! :sad: Hope this doesn't happen to my other flap!
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    I had this happened on one of my flaps, only one side though not both. I left it as was for quite a while before sending off to repair. It will not fall off don't worry. I never button up the second flap anymore even when storing my bags.
  5. Thanks for that! I never even used that button I think... too hard to close. Have a good night :smile:
  6. I don't close my button flap too...I would not worry to much...if it does not interfere I would delay fixing it...
  7. :shocked: I don't use the button either, but I would be absolutely furious if this happened. ESPECIALLY since I don't USE it!
    Unacceptable for the amount of $$ we're paying for these flaps. :nono:
  8. Get some coal and keep it in your bags ( wrap it in tissue ) and it will suck all the humidity out from hurting your bags. I have this in maui.
  9. This is an excellent idea for those in humid climates! Thank you for suggesting this!
  10. I agree, I wouldn't worry-- even if it did fall off, it's not like the hole would close up-- they will probably have to take it off anyway to fix it!
  11. Would a dehumidifer work the same? I might just turn it on for a few hours with my closet (where my bags are) door opened. :\