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  1. Do you think Balenciaga will ever make a snakeskin bag?
  2. Uuuuuuh, I hope so....... :drool:
    I would prefer a Day bag in beige/caramel snakeskin..... :heart:

    Any preorders?... ;)
  3. I am in could be also blackish with greyish.

    HUGS FX:heart:
  4. Found this on their website (Python evening bag):

    It'd be interesting to see that on a moto style. :yes:
  5. Um, sorry to spoil the party on this one...But I hope they don't do much more snakeskin at all. I think they look terrible (this bag above looks like Tarzan's loin cloth) and you never really know where the wholesaler gets the snakeskin from. It would be terrible if the snakeskin came from poached wildlife.
  6. Sorry, But I too hoped not....I think snake skin is gorgeous, but not something I would ever the cliche goes...It looks better on the animal!