Snakeskin heels from 2001?

  1. ok, everybody any input on this topic would be highly appreciated :flowers:

    I feel really silly and stupid for asking this, but: How do I find out whether something is real snakeskin? :confused1:

    A bit of background:

    I just ended up with a new (literally, never worn even though date code states they are from 2001) pair of heels from eBay, but they don't really fit :crybaby: I thought they'd be reptile print leather, but SO and his mom and dad swear they could be snakeskin. I simply don't have a clue but since I'm planning on re-selling them again I kinda need to know for customs, etc :shrugs:

  2. I think it's reptile. They have the same material in some of their current winter shoes. They only refer to exotic though. But I would be very surprised if it were only exotic print... maybe ask a LV SA about it for their current shoes... good luck!
  3. yeah, I just looked at the website and saw what you mean :yes: The "Lize" pump seems to be detailed in the same material, if I understand the describtion right it's "Ayers" (which I yet have to find out more about as google always takes me to sites about Ayers Rock :upsidedown:)

    I guess I just have to take them in and see what LV says, but I'm so busy right now that I don't think I will get there before 2008 :push:

    lol, does anybody maybe have a catalogue from 2001? I sometimes see other LV heels with that metal detailing on the back on eBay, but that exact pair hasn't showed up yet
  4. I found some VERY similar in my 2001 cat, I will PM you :smile:
  5. Ayer is a type of water snake. and it is water snake that is adorning your shoes. It's the only type of snake that LV uses. It is also called Karung.
  6. thank you :tup:

    wow, I guess I need to look into customs regulations for snake now :shame:
  7. Don't you have to have some kind of certificate for shipping exotic leathers or does it only apply to certain kinds?:shrugs:
  8. So what's the verdict?