Snakeskin - good, bad or just plain ugly?

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  1. I find myself strangely drawn to and yet repelled by snakeskin.

    I'm thinking of purchasing a snakeskin bag to see if it can work with my wardrobe. What are your thoughts on snakeskin? and for those who own bags with snakeskin, is it high maintenance? :flowers:
  2. You know, I felt that same way about getting married.

    But, seriously, I don't really care for it even though I have had accessories in snakeskin. It always ended up looking dry and flaky.
  3. I have a huge huge phobia about snakes so the whole idea of snakeskin just turns me off completely. I feel the same way about alligator or crocodile skin too. I don't want to be reminded that some animal died for my purse.

    It's strange to me that I can eat steak and feel no qualms but would never eat a cat or dog or horse. I was a vegetarian for a year but did not stick with it. Peggy
  4. Eh, snakeskin is okay to me, in small quantities. I wouldn't go for a huge bag, made entirely of snakeskin. Maybe a normal bag with snakeskin accents.

    It's sort of weird, isn't it? It was once alive, and now it dangles of your arm.
  5. Bad. Durability issues make it a real problem, and when it gets ugly, it gets REALLY ugly.
  6. I like bags w/ snakeskin trim but not the whole bag..I don't even really know how to care for it? It would probably be much of a hassle!
  7. I love snakeskin, but not python print snakeskin.

    I saw a gorgeous Ferragamo clutch in gold snakskin the other day, about $720.
  8. I love python, but I'm afraid of the peeling in humid weather.
  9. I have to agree with the durability issues. It does dry out and flake. Alligator on the other hand is very durable.
  10. I have a python bag from Prada - its great! No probs with it whatsover and its really soft too!
  11. To me its really just plain ugly:yucky: Sorry.
  12. I like the look of it, but not touching it
  13. I'm sooooo afraid of snakes, I couldn't imagine having snakeskin anything.:throwup: I bet tonight, I'll have a nightmare about snakes:sad:
  14. Python, for example, is incredibly durable, dispite it's fragile appearance.
  15. True, the tanning methods allow them to achieve a very supple skin. The new methods are incredible.
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