Snakeskin Delics! Pic...

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  1. Though I think the delics are a lovely shape none of the materials I have as yet seen them available in has made me want to go out and buy a pair.

    Which all changed when I turned the page of a sunday magazine this morning and saw them in snakeskin!! They probably won't be stocked where I live but I may definately try to track these down. The colouring on the snakeskin is amazing!

    As I don't think I've yet seen these shown on this site I thought I'd share...
  2. :graucho: that is one snazzy shoe! so, it seems that snakeskin is going to be really big this spring/summer, huh? I need to get on the boat!
  3. Those are gorgeous!!!! :woot: I almost got the Black Leather in the 130mm, but my purchase fell through...the store didn't have them as they said they did. This would make a wonderful replacement...the perfect use for my credit! Thank you so much for posting! :flowers:
  4. That's a gorgeous shoe! I can't wait to see it in person. Jetset if you get them please post pics would love to see them on the foot!
  5. Whow ...... gorgeous, when are they due in stores ?
    Can't wait to see real life pics. They are too stunnng for my lifestyle but sooo beautiful!
  6. Wow now thats my kinda shoe.. I am shuttering thinking of the price lol
  7. !@#$ :nuts: !!!!!!!!!!!
  8. I love it, that color combo is fantastic! I *believe* that the CL boutiques will be getting that shoe, I think that I saw it in the buy book at CL Horatio.

    I actually wore the 130mm declics last night, I must say that it was not so easy to walk. Especially since we had to wait for a table in the cramped entrance area of the restaurant with servers walking around with food/drinks, I felt like I was in a pin ball machine on stilts. Not so comfy.
  9. Those are hot! That seems to be the same pattern of snakeskin of the Privitata's I saw and loved. Great combination of colors.
  10. BTW they're £520 GBP which includes sales tax. I didn't think that was such a bad price for them. But then again I appear to have lost perspect when it comes to how much shoes should cost :amuse:
  11. thanks for posting purdy. they're gorgeous. you can never really go wrong with python, i think.
  12. wow really beautiful
  13. wow, hot shoes! I agree with the comment about snakeskin being in this spring/summer. a lot of designers are coming out with snakeskin coloring shoes this season.
  14. those are gorgeous!
    exotics are everywhere...I was not such a fan but seeing so many very well done pieces, I'm warming up to the idea!
  15. looks divine!