snakeskin clutch

  1. My new passion is snakeskin, but I have a limited budget, so I'm in the market for a snakeskin clutch. Any suggestions? I've found three that are interesting so far:

    Lauren Merkin:
    (i know it's not real snakeskin)



    Opinions? Comments? Suggestions?

  2. I really like the R&Y. I used a clutch more I would have been too tempted to buy that one.
  3. I love the R&Y too. Another possiblity is that you could look into buying vintage though. There are a lot of very good quality vintage snakeskin bags out there.
  4. definitely the r&y augousti. the rafe looks kind of cheap (though maybe it's just the pic) and the lauren merkin is pretty but not half as interesting as the augousti
  5. Definitely R&Y.
    Rafe and LM don't stand a chance.