Snakes on the Truck!!!

  1. As it always happens in my life, I can order 7 different items on 7 different days and they always all come on the same day. The clerical staff is going to lynch me today after having to haul all the boxes back to my office. Not only are both snake bags coming via FedEx, but I put in an order for 4 belts with Bluefly yesterday. They are on the DHL truck for delivery today. When I got here this morning, the two pairs of Asgi sandals I ordered were sitting in my office too. They aren't Prada, but they are the most comfortable shoes I've EVER put on my feet. :tender:

    Woot! It's like Christmas here today!:yahoo:

    I WILL be posting pics, but not until later this evening since this is one of my 8 hour days. :push:
  2. Ohhh...I can't wait to see pics..espec of the belts too!!!! :nuts:

    I'll be out of town until Sunday w/ no computer :crybaby:. Hope I don't go through w/drawl!
  3. NM strikes again! There isn't a Prada sleeper bag, it's some generic white bag. I don't care if it was 50% off, it's SUPPOSED to have a sleeper bag!:rant:

    Overlooking that, this sucka is HUGE!!! I literally can put my Chanel Medallion tote and a pair of shoes in it. I have hunch she's going back. Cool bag though but TOO BIG!! Sniff....

    Now the OTHER snakeskin bag? YUMMY!!! Perfect size, and gotta love that leather lining!! Ahh!! Pics later!!

    Alouette: the belts aren't Prada belts, but still are very cute. Unfortunately two of THOSE go back too: way too big. Honestly I can't win with belts and clothes any more. They are either HUGE or waaaay to small.
  4. :sad: That stinks..I'm the same way...being so short, I can't stand shopping for jeans/clothing.

    That's why I love shopping for bags! They ALWAYS fit!
  5. Well, not always unfortunately! As this bag shows. It's one of my many gripes about NM that they rarely put measurements in their descriptions of bags. Had they put that it was 15x15x6 inches, I would have NEVER ordered it! :shrugs:

    You have my sympathy on the jeans, alouette! I'm 5'4" so I'm just barely in the regular sizes. However, I have a long torso and short limbs. Talk about your basic jeans shopping nightmare! When I'm playing my violin regularly I also have Aaaaanold sized biceps and shoulders, so all these fitted tops and I don't get along at all. :upsidedown:

  6. OMG - did you get that TDF brown Prada python bag? I haven't seen one yet IRL and I can't wait to hear about it. Please show pics!
  7. Yes, I did get it. I have entirely too many threads with "snake" in the title right now, but it's the Snakes Alive! thread and there are pics there. Love the bag, HATE the size. It's going back because of that.