Snakes Alive!!!

  1. Well here you go, guys. Snake, Sr. and Snake, Jr. After very little time, I've decided Snake, Sr. is going back. Snake, Jr. is a definite keeper! :tender:

    2007_0703Image0072.jpg 2007_0703Image0058.JPG 2007_0703Image0065.JPG 2007_0703Image0061.JPG
  2. LOL...which one is JR and which is SR?
  3. Hey, great pics!! Is the Jr the one with your face in the pic as well?
  4. Is SR the multi-colored one? I like the JR one a lot more if I'm correct!

    They both look great on you though..perfect size!

    You look so happy in the pic too!
  5. Sorry to confuse everyone! I named the HUGE bag (jute/python) Sr. and the multi-color (all python/leather handle) Jr. Ya know, Prada would make life easier if they gave more of their bags names!

    At any rate, the bigger one (Sr. jute/python) is going back. In the picture of it hanging on my stair rail I actually had put the other bag inside of it to bulk it up a bit. There was plenty of room. I don't need a huge bag. I love this bag to pieces, but I'd be madly in love if it were half the size.

    Well, thankfully I found out that even though I ordered it online, I can return it to the NM store here. I thought I had to return it to the online people. Now I have an excuse to drool at the fall bags some more! :devil:
  6. Actually..they ship it back from the store to the online company...Unless they changed their rules.They wont issue a return directly at the store

    I like that bag!!BTW!
  7. I like the Junior too. Not for me though as snakes spook me out. It's a pretty bag. Don't like the jute one too much - lacks form.
  8. P-Psycho! What a great pic of you, all happy and gettin' your Praa groove on!

    I love the one you're sending back...and the one you're keeping is very pretty and colorful and looks cool on you!

    OK, P-Psycho -- another reason why I should be Minette Psycho -- though some snake skins are quite beautiful, I can't touch them. A wacky button goes off in my head and if I touch them or even look at them too long, I start to see them as alive and moving and ready to bite me! Obviously, you don't have that wacky button, so enjoy your new exotic pop of color!! You wear it well!
  9. ^^^You're funny, Minette!

    No, snakeskin items don't bother me. I have several pairs of shoes made of snakeskin (Gucci- YUM!).

    I have to admit though that when I was taking these pictures and the bags were sort of laying around that it was kind of creepy seeing all those "snakes" out the corner of my eyes. I could hear these poor pythons saying: "Sssssss, I'm cold! I'm bald! Give me back my skin!" :whistle:
  10. Interesting bags PP! Not my thing, something about snakes that puts me off.
    Picked my 6 yr old up from an after school play date and there in a tank in the corner of the sitting room was a MASSIVE snake. Just too creepy for words.
    So no snakeskin bags for me!