Snake! Snake!

  1. I'm at work, in my office (a small building) and the screams of "SNAKE!" come wafting up the hall. We've had snakes in this building before, so I got up to see what the fuss was. Here's around 10-12 adults cowering in the corners, afraid of a 4 inch baby snake. Yeah 4 inches, not 4 feet. Nobody is doing anything so I got a shovel, whapped the little guy (sorry, God) and that was the end of the snake. Co-workers were still screaming though.

    Having lived in the backwoods of the mountains is good for a learning a few things. Dealing with errant reptiles being one of them. :death:

    So, how's everybody else's day going? :nuts:
  2. LOLOL i would have left the building screaming like an animal...
  3. I can't really comment i would have been part of the majority in this case snakes ain't pretty unless their on shoes (and i really don't mean to spark the animal debate on this comment to please lets not take it there :smile:)
  4. Your coworkers are lucky to have brave woman like you in the office!
  5. I would have screamed too! Snakes are my one animal fear. I don't mind bugs, spiders, etc. But snakes just freak me out. I have gotten a lot better about them BUT I would not like one INSIDE!!! That is way to close for comfort!
  6. I'm very much like you - snakes are my one big fear! It's so bad that I can't even look at a picture without freaking out, so I too would have been cowering in the corner, probably hysterically crying as well :shame: .
  7. aww... just a baby snake.. i woulda picked it up.. or with some box.. and kept it to watch it slither around. maybe fed it something, then put it back in the wild. or give it to my cousin since he used to have a giant 6' pet snake at one point in his life.. so nursing a baby to giant size would be fun again i'm sure. haha.
  8. I'm not sure my supervisor would have agreed with that option. He's one of the biggest babies here when it comes to snakes! :roflmfao:

    I really don't like killing things, but having snakes in an office where you are serving individuals with disabilities isn't a really great idea. :wtf:
  9. that makes two of us
  10. I would have picked it up and dangled in front of people... :smile:
  11. :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao: Although im terrified of snakes and would kill anyone that did that to me, this statement was hilarious!
  12. I would have screamed and probably peed myself. I hate snakes! :shocked: :cry:
  13. i still call my dad to come kill spiders because they scare the bejesus outta me and i can't sleep knowing there is a spider somewhere. so i can't comment on the snakes...but props to you for showing that 4 inch baby who was boss!
  14. lol...I woulda ran and snakes r so not compatible...heehee

  15. Hee hee. I've spent the morning sneaking up behind people going "Hisssssss, hisssss." So much fun torturing my co-workers! :roflmfao:

    Yes, we have entirely too much time on our hands here!