Snake! Snake!! SNAKE!!!

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  1. I am afraid of snakes! But if they're on a bag then thats OKAY by me! Faby Do!
  2. OOOH!!!!!! That is stunning!!!! Love that!!! What season is that from?!? Congrats!!! Can't wait until you get it..!!!
  3. WOW! really different looking! CONGRATS!
  4. Don't quote me, Emmy, but I believe it was Spring/Summer '05. A few popped up on Bluefly spring of last year and since they rarely get current season bags, I'm pretty sure it was '05. You can't see it in the other pics, but it has the old metal Prada triangle on the side of the bag, which also leads me to believe its Summer 2005. I wish I could find a reference book of Prada style numbers that listed the year/season they came out so I could know for sure.
  5. wow..that's amazing!! Post modeling pics when she arrives. Yay for you!!!!!
  6. Woman, how many bags have you bought in the past month. You're on a roll with another beauty.
  7. Wow!! looking forward to seeing pics! :nuts:
  8. Honestly Lib, for the first time in my life I've lost count! :blush:

    Let me check, I'm curious myself! Though I WON'T be looking at what I paid for them. The secretaries would have to call 911 if I added THAT up! :wtf:

    *Gulp* Drum roll please: SEVEN!! Though I've also sold two, maybe three others. I'm beginning to think I'm trying to be Jill, Jr.! :roflmfao:
  9. Congrats!
  10. That bag is a show-stopper, PP! You must have a huge secret room where you hide the "DH doesn't know about this one" bags!
  11. I'll never tell..... :devil:

    Besides that, I'm too close to Southpark. Next time we get together I'd have to keep an eye on you and Kallison every second if I let you in on my secret. You two could sneak over to my house and clean me out in 10 seconds flat! :roflmfao:
  12. The title of this thread made me giggle. You girls are so funny over here on the Prada side! Cant wait to see your snakes when you get them!