Snake Skin Bags

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  1. Hi Everyone

    What does everyone think about the snakeskin Agyness bag? I think it looks amazing, but there is something a bit "creepy" about walking around with a snakeskin bag.

  2. I think you have to be a bit flash to carry it off , so to speak !!

    I don`t like snakes anyway , but I have heard that they skin the snake whilst its still alive !!
  3. Eugh :yucky: I've got this hideous image going on now. Hate snakes too. Yuk yuk yuk!

    The bag does look pretty amazing though!
  4. I think I would have to say I'm not nearly glamorous enough to carry a snakeskin,I do think they are fab looking bags though.I'd feel less guilty carrying a snake than a croc one,although they both seem to have aggression issues,so maybe not that guilty in that case!!!!
  5. I dont like them at all :tdown: I dont like snakes, so the idea of carrying a snakeskin bag just seems a bit ewww to me. But then Im not even remotely glamourous so theres no way I could pull one off even if I did like them, so all is good :yes:
  6. Could be the latest "WAG" bag!!!
  7. I'm sticking with good old cow hide - snakes, crocs, ostrich all give me the creeps.
  8. To be honest I don't like snake skin bags - I have some fabulous python Jimmy Choos though.
  9. Hahahaha!! Have you seen how pimply the ostrich is!! Reminds me of some of the lads at school!!!!!!!!!! (years ago!!) I think it looks like a gigantic version of chicken skin!!! But you know what irl life it does look very nice,not quite as pronounced as in the pics?!

  10. i've always though ostrich looks like a bad case of acne or chicken pox:wtf:! I've never seen it IRL though!
  11. Saw a bright pink one IRL. Absolutely hideous.
  12. No disrespect to the H ladies but I don't think ostrich looks good even on the top top end bags. It's really not my thing.

  13. Totally agree. It doesn't matter how expensive the bag is, it still looks foul!
  14. Hi

    I can't take to the ostrich skin either - it looks like the leather is diseased & I've never been particular to croc (mock or not)!

    Looks like it's back to the good old cow / calf leather!


  15. :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao: fowl!!!